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Why You Need To Care About Her Orgasm

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A woman’s orgasm isn’t often of much importance to some guys. But should it be? Definitely! Here’s why you should put her orgasm at the top of your list.

What Is Her Orgasm Like?

If you talk to 5 different ladies, you’d get 5 varied orgasmic descriptions. Although the same nerve pathways are activated, the big “O” is a highly personal cosmic experience and one woman’s encounter will be different from the next.

But if you’d talk to 500 women, you will see the bigger picture, identify common themes and see similarities with how women experience a climax. They’d tell you how contractions begin from their vaginal & uterine walls, spread through their bodies and make it quake. Words like: waves, fire, bright, burning & electrifying, will continually resurface.

You’ll also notice how emotional women can be about their orgasms. An orgasm isn’t just a release of physical tension, but of emotions as well. Women use words such as: beautiful, affection, admiration, wonderful & love, to describe it.

For guys, it’s whack to describe orgasms this way and many will bristle with amused puzzlement as to why women can be sentimental about it. Ask chaps about their climaxes, they’d probably give you something like: It was awesome man, I sprayed it all over her chest!

Dude, Where’s My Orgasm?

When a woman regularly fails to climax with a partner, she begins to tell herself that orgasms aren’t really important – that they’re really not that big of a deal, and that she can conveniently do without it.

Let me tell you here, that no matter what women tell themselves, ORGASM MATTERS. After a certain point of arousal, orgasm becomes necessary. But when they like the guy, women have that tendency to rationalize and excuse the man. (And women have doctorate degrees for that.) They can invent any reason under the sun:

  • “Maybe he was just not in his element tonight…and the 15 other freakin’ nights.”
  • “He kisses really good! Love it!”
  • “I can do without the orgasms. What’s important for me is the closeness.”
  • “He pays the bills.”
  • “It’s the alcohol… I think”
  • “What’s an orgasm?”

Climaxes do matter for sanity’s sake. But, do you know how a woman gets through an orgasm-less affair?

It’s the hope of masturbation. “I can touch myself later, anyway,” she would say. Since she knows her body best, she can easily give herself the most powerful and sensational climaxes.

But She Likes It Better With You

But here’s the thing. Even if that’s the case, even if women can help themselves whenever they want, they also know that climaxes feel better when experienced with you. Orgasms are just different when you’re there. They become more meaningful, more intimate. Having a warm body near, as her own convulses with pleasure, makes the experience more striking and memorable.

Easy orgasms, in the comforts of her cold and lonely apartment, even though intensely satisfying, won’t compare to those she shares with the guy she’s really into. The climaxes she shares with you are at a premium.

But how can she orgasm when the so-called “man of her dreams” doesn’t know squat about her plumbing? How can she peak when he’s too busy putting the wrong moves on her, thinking those will get her off? And how would she feel when she’s left hanging, not just once, but OVER & OVER?

What Happens When You Don’t Give It To Her

Miss it once or twice, she’ll forgive you. She’ll excuse you and rationalize the absence of orgasms. Miss it all the time, and she’s on your case. Over time, she’ll feel cheated, robbed or short-changed – especially when she sees her man ejaculate big time.

It gets very unnerving when the pattern becomes: He gets off, she doesn’t. It’s like a sexual rip-off and a big let down. No wonder many become cold, closed and lose interest over time. How would you feel if you engage in intercourse, all the while knowing you’re going to get worked up but are not going to orgasm anyway? Doesn’t that make it more of a job?

You might have noticed how after a disappointing round, women become really irritable, mean, sad or resentful. And boy, do they have ways of getting even. They could take it out on your unsuspecting credit card or your newly polished car. Or they can simply be bitchy at the most ill of times. The saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” comes to mind.

Because as you already know, a woman doesn’t draw a clear distinction between what happens inside the bedroom and outside. Men easily dissociate the two, she sees them closely related.

So, why should you care if she has an orgasm or not?

Simply because it affects how easily you can score next time… or if at all!

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