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Why Some Auto Mechanics Suck

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When I say suck, I am not referring to them giving blow jobs.

The purpose of me sharing this is not to out any one individual mechanic.  The purpose to the share the truth as to why some mechanics are cheating scum bags.  This can also apply to doctors, dentists,  police officers, air conditioning repair men, cable TV installers….. in effect any one.

For this illustration, I am going to use the true story of a mechanic I used to go to.  He is still in business and YOU still have opportunity to go to him if you so desire (I won’t tell you who he is though)

There are two choices of what is going to happen if you bring your car to him to be repairs.

#1.  He will be fucked over.

#2. You will be fucked over.

Guess which choice he is going to choose as the final out come?

Good guess!

Now you know why I no longer go to his shop when I need repairs.

Signs you know your mechanic is probably not the best choice to go to for auto repairs.  #1. He gets busted for his little hobby on the side.  The hobby?  Drug dealing.  Why did he dabble with drug dealing?  Cause being an auto mechanic does not pay enough for his desires and likings.

What happened?

He got busted and spent over a year or so in prison for it.

Currently?  He is out.  Gave up the drug dealing business and returned to the occupation that he knows.  Which is auto repair.

The problem?  You have the over head of the shop.  Maybe $2,000 or $3,000 a month.  You have an employee or two to pay.

The problem?

Business is slow.  You have these over head expenses to pay and you are desperate for cash to stay afloat.  Reality is, he should close up shop or perhaps do mobile mechanics where he does not have big over head to pay.

He does not see that as an option.

He sees a better option.

Life is closing in on him.  Life is pressuring him.  He wants money, but overhead, expenses and lack of business is killing him.

He is heading down a path that you see many small businesses head, closing shop and the land lord would have a for rent sign where this repair shop once was.

He does not want that.  It is survival of the fittest.  Some one is gonna get fucked.  He does not want it to be him.

He would rather it be YOU.

Who are you?

You are a customer who needs work done on their car.

For example….  You think your cars battery is weak.  He WILL sell you a new battery.  He will also tamper with the wires to your alternator and tell you the alternator is bad and that needs replacing too.

He will then fray or tamper with the wires to your fuel pump so in a few days it will short out and you will have to be towed to his shop to have that replaced too.

You notice your car radio is not working. (he snipped a wire to it).  He will repair that for you too.

A week has drifted by.  What was a simple weak battery is now $1,345 in car repairs.

You are now working to pay to keep your car on the road.  Your car becomes a major financial pit.

Why and how did this happen?

Cause you have a mechanic whose life is in shambles and he is going down hill and the only method he sees for HIS survival is to fuck YOU over of your money.

He is going down hill and he’d rather see you pay for his survival and have YOU go down hill as opposed to him going down hill.

See the choice?

It is you or him and he chose you.

By the way, this same theory applies to the woman you married and in which you and her hate each other now and she will do any thing and everything to make your life miserable and fuck you over for as much money as she possibly can.

A mechanic who sucks can only fuck you over IF you  bring your car to him.

A wife who sucks, you are stuck with her cause you are married to her.

Each gig is a bad situation.

The solution?  Stay away from marriage and auto mechanics as much as possible. :)

Take up kayaking as a hobby.  Much less mechanical parts to break down. :)   The water is much more peaceful and tranquil than a wife too. :)

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