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Why Missionary Can Be Incredibly Sexy!

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Sure, missionary is the most commonly used sex position, but it doesn’t have to be boring or “ho hum.” Here’s why missionary can be super HOT!

Of course missionary is by far, is the most commonly used sex position. You can rest assured that the missionary has undergone rigorous field tests by billions of couples in the several thousand years of human history. It has survived the test of time because it works!

Movement During Missionary

During missionary the guy’s pelvis is relatively free to thrust in and out of the vagina. On top, he has more authority on the speed, power, rhythm, angle and depth of the strokes. And because his pelvis is unfettered, he can easily work on his orgasm as well as grind circles on her vulva.

(But depending on the position of a woman’s legs, there can be variations that encumber thrusting and limit pelvic freedom. When she wraps her ankles very tightly around him for example, or when she squeezes his waist with her thighs.)


A man can easily doodle on his lover’s chest during penetration. Her buttocks, on the other hand, may just be contented with manual caresses as it won’t easily be available for ocular inspection unless she turns sideways or raises her legs and pelvis so high that it begins to show. (That’s talent, by the way!)

Glaring height discrepancies usually bring up kissing-while-stroking issues. But really, this doesn’t happen very often. However, weight can be a major issue. Don’t lunge a huge body mass on a woman and expect her to be breathing when you’re done. Now, if you’re on the heavier side and can’t possibly carry your own bulk, consider less strenuous sexual configurations.

Since you are expected to support yourself, the stress and strain will be focused on your arms, legs and back. If you’re not reasonably healthy, this shouldn’t even be on the agenda.

Her Orgasm

Missionary can be efficient in stimulating the clitoris IF you angle your strokes and allow your pubic bone (where the pubic hair is) to rub her clitoral area. Continuous Clitoris Contact (CCC) is critical since thrusting is often not enough for her to climax.

In missionary, man experiences a sense of control, power and domination over a woman. Since he has control of virtually every element, he enjoys the authority to lead and dictate the proceedings – it’s a feeling of responsibility for him. Being under the man and giving him the reins, a woman is signaling to him “I’m trusting you, so you better know what the heck you’re doing!”

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