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Why Delaying Penetration Can Make Sex HOT!

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Penetration is what guys look forward to during sex, but if you do it too fast, you could turn her off. Here’s why you should definitely wait!

Delaying Penetration Isn’t Easy

Get real, a moment by moment experience is easier said than done… especially when you throw in a raging boner and a naked woman. Savoring foreplay, while violent carnal forces take over your body, is a mean feat.

Women don’t get this, but delaying penetration is probably the most difficult thing a man can do. Guys see an erection as unresolved tension. It needs to be addressed. Immediately. Unnecessary delay is cruel.

While most women wish to luxuriate in this kind of feeling, men see it as torture.

Have a naked, gorgeous woman on your bed… moaning… with legs pointed to the heavens, and you’ll realize you’d rather be skinned alive than not jump her. It’s like the marshmallow experiment – only this time, the marshmallow is wickedly sexy at 120 lbs., calling out “Come and get me!” through a microphone. You don’t even see the woman, really, your vision just zeroes-in between her legs. And you would do anything, even pawn your Knicks season tickets, just to get into that magical place.

That’s why nobody’s telling you to stop a boner – you can’t. So don’t deny the urge. In fact, ACKNOWLEDGE IT, admit you wish to ravish her body. Admit that you want to be inside her, feel her warm and wet core embrace your penis. You want to plant it deep, deep into her. Acknowledge the urge.

Is It Possible To Even Do It?

Yes, it’s possible to delay penetration. Ever been so mad at someone you felt like strangling them to death? We’ll, did you actually do it? It’s the same with foreplay. Have the urge, but don’t act on it…yet. Feeling it is different from acting on it. This is where the bizarre struggle begins since men can easily blend the two. But just because you’re hard doesn’t acquit you of all the other options.

Why hurry a sure thing? Do you actually think she’ll do a disappearing act if you don’t jump her immediately?

What To Do Instead

GET BUSY. You will never get over that vaginal trance unless you fill your head with something else. Do some crunches if you got to, channel that sexual energy into some activity and accomplish something mind-blowing – great oral sex, for example. Get busy and realize that while you’re at it, keeping your mind off that battle-ready penis, you’re getting the hang of the thing that started off as distracters. Foreplay can rock… when you give it a shot.

Of course, don’t wait for kingdom come and allow your erection and arousal to shy away. Just remember a sexual reprogramming before finally deciding to ride. This next one is subtle but it could really change your foreplay game. Ready?

What Really Happens During Penetration

That moment you penetrate, the very first instant you slide that schlong into that pit of hers, think of it as: THE BEGINNING OF THE END, launching the finale – the final hurrah. You’re actually wrapping things up. Yeah that’s right, the moment you enter her, you’re actually nearing the end of the session, you’re taking the final bend of the final lap. It positions you a stone’s throw away from the inevitable conclusion.

To most guys, it’s the exact opposite. For them, that first push is like opening their box of chocolates… all the good stuff begins. They think, “Yeah, finally I get to do this!” It’s a “Yeheeey!” moment and fireworks are at long last lit up. Like the opening of baseball season – all wonderful things are up ahead.

But, without watering down the virtues of great sex, and without missing on the joys of being inside a woman, boxes of chocolates have been opened way before initial penetration. It’s not the opening of baseball season, it’s already the World Series! And as for the fireworks? They’re there for the closing ceremonies!

What You’re Missing If You Penetrate Too Fast

All things bright and beautiful didn’t begin when you went in for that first push, it started long way before that. It started when you first got a whiff of the scented candles she prepared, when you first ran fingers across her face, when you felt her tummy rising and falling from labored breathing. If you missed on those because of your anxiety to put your pelvic gyrations on display, then you missed a lot.

You missed the unique pleasures of the opening and middle game.

Remind yourself before you enter: This is the beginning of the end. Watch how this simple shift straightens things out and alter your foreplay game by giving you a wider shot of the whole sex thing.

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