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Why 69 Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Oral sex in the 69 position is something many couples try, but don’t do regularly. Why? It can totally revamp your sex life! Here’s what you’ve been missing out on.

69 is a great position for giving each of your mutual pleasure. While the 69 position can be great for foreplay, not enough couples use it to bring the both of you to orgasm. Most people think of this as a starter position or something to get the ball rolling for the “real sex.” The fact of the matter is that the 69 position is great for foreplay or for bringing the both of you to orgasm. 69 can improve your sex life immensely. 69 allows the both of you to enjoy giving and getting all at the same time. Here are some ways that you can improve your sex life through the 69 position.

1. The Woman’s Advantage

The 69 position has a significant advantage for girls. Men love to see the most intimate parts or woman’s body from behind. While you are in this position your partner Will be able to give you oral sex from a view that he will love. This will also give you control over how deep you want your vagina on his mouth. A man can please you while you are pleasing him, bringing you both to orgasm with a view that he will never grow tired of. This position will also give you sensations that aren’t commonly felt when your partner goes down on you the traditional way.

2. The Male Advantage

Getting a blowjob is something that all guys relish. However, the problem with having a girl give you oral sex is that she doesn’t get anything out of it. With the 69 position, you both getting you what you want. When she is on top of you, she will give you different sensations just by the angle that your penis is at when it goes into her mouth. This angle is not something that is typically felt unless you are engaging in 69.

3. The Side By Side

A variation of the 69 position, the side by side position allows the both of you to give and get, but without the hassles of gravity. Traditional 69 will leave a girl’s legs tired and her knees irritated. If you are looking for an easier way to achieve the benefits of 69 but without all of the stresses, the side by side is a great way to go. Simply lie on your side and get into the 69 position. This going to put more weight on your side, but you will be able to shift the shift by bracing against your partner’s legs. This will also give you better access to the small of your partner’s back and their butt.

4. Anal

If your girlfriend or wife is into anal, the 69 position will allow you to play with her anus. One of the best techniques to employ is to use a sex toy on her anus as you give her oral sex to her vagina. Not all women are going to be into this so make sure that your wife or girlfriend is up for it before you try it out. If your wife or girlfriend is into analingus, you will also be to easily go from her vagina and clitoris to her anus while you are in the 69 position.

5. Intimacy

69 can easily improve your sex life because it can build intimacy. Not making the night about having the best sex of your life takes away a lot of pressure. This allows the both of your take things slow and forget the rush of pumping away at each other. 69 rarely requires any kind of lube so it can easily be employed from other foreplay methods such as kissing. If you don’t want to take this position all the way to the end, you will be able to easily reposition into sex.

6. Prostate Massages

Another benefit of using the 69 position is that you can give your boyfriend or husband a prostate massage without having to change positions. Whether you are on top or on bottom, you will access to his anus without making much of a fuss. Not all guys are into prostate massages, however, if your partner is, you might want to use this position the next time he gets the urge. If you are going to give your guy a prostate massage from this position, make sure that you have a lot of lube near by and that he knows what you’re about to do. There is nothing stranger than when you feel a girl start to to a little more north that you’re used to.

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