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Weekend Away in the City – Part 3 (Dick)

3D SexVilla 2
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We live life in the fast lane… but we’re doing it driving a minivan. Our suburban lives are crazy hectic with homework, school projects, little league, soccer, gymnastics, track meets… (I’ll stop there, I’m getting tired thinking about it). Oh, and we work multiple jobs.

Sex is a recreation which gets pushed to the margins and becomes more about the release than the journey. The lives we live are more about our kids than they are about ourselves, so goes parenthood.

The best sex for us is not in the fast lane, it happens when we step out, slow down, and take time to breath each other in. Hours spent focused on each other does wonders for later exchanges between the sheets.

Anal fun takes more dedicated warm-up than typical quickie sex and our occasional weekend retreats provide the perfect setting for back door playtime. Jane brought along her leather harness and silicone dildo, to satisfy both my ass and her lust for power, and I went prepared to introduce Jane’s anal desires to a new toy hand crafted by Boris & Doris (find their store here).

Without a doubt, our best orgasms happen when there is something in our asses, it’s just that little something extra that nudges us over the top into quivering, orgasmic bliss. It took us a long time, and the shedding of some early-learned inhibitions, to figure this out. The added pleasure boost really should play a larger role in our sex lives together… we just need the extra time and attention to make it happen.

If you have not ventured into anal play we can recommend it as both a feel-good experience and an intimacy builder. Not to mention that it is the great sexual equalizer!

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