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Hi, everyone!  Just wanted to touch base and let you know that a) everything’s going great, and b) predictably, wedding planning is slowly becoming the center of my life.  Fortunately, however, Jake is MUCH more into the wedding than I am, so my primary jobs have actually been to be a receptive audience to the HOURS of online research that he puts into every decision, and to rein him in whenever he starts going overboard (which is pretty often).  So far, we have decided:

  • We’re getting married on a cruise ship before embarkation, then everyone can join us on the cruise or leave before we do.  This means that the reception is cake-and-punch and that we’ve already booked the honeymoon as well.  Very exciting, and cheaper than just the traditional ceremony/reception packages that we priced.
  • We will register for a select few items (which will need to be shipped to our house so we don’t pay duty on them) but our primary goal is going to be a down payment fund.

Some notes regarding the house (since I’ve been vehemently anti-homeownership for such a long time).  The recent housing bubble collapse market price correction means that prices are finally somewhere I feel comfortable (my dad was a construction worker for two decades and a real estate agent for another decade, which is why I saw the bubble for what it was so much sooner than others).  Now, however, we can probably get a 2-bedroom condo for $75K (as opposed to probably double that or more before the crash).  Plus now that Jake quit his horrible corporate job to start his own business and is doing great, he’s no longer the die-hard “move to another state as soon as is feasible” advocate he once was. I love my job and AZ so I’m happy about that change as well.

We also learned some hard lessons about relying on your landlord to maintain your property correctly when our house almost burned down last week because of a faulty breaker box (we literally called the fire department as we threw all our animals into the car sometime after midnight and fled into the night for the safety of a friend’s hardwood floor, ouch).  So even though it’s more responsibility, I think it’ll be worth it if we can swing it.

I am working on getting our wedding website and registry complete so that we can send out save-the-dates, since this will be a destination wedding for a lot of people (we live in Arizona and are getting married in Florida, where I’m from).  And Jake has been amazing, he read all the reviews about every cabin on the ship, read through every shore excursion, found blogs by people who got married on board our cruise line even going so far as to log into their Picassa albums and look at hundreds of photos by actual people!  He is also the one who booked our cruise - all he does anymore in his spare time is research every facet of our wedding and talk about how excited he is.  I’m glad he’s so into it!

I did almost have a nervous breakdown when I saw he’d updated our wedding budget googledoc to a total that was $4K more than we’d agreed to spend, but after I spent the entire day crying at work and came home with a migraine he cut some things out and I’m comfortable again.  For someone who hates advertising, he certainly gets excited to add every bell and whistle he reads about!  A $700 videography package, really?  How often are you going to watch that video, no matter how amazing it is?

He also is indirectly responsible for my wedding dress.  There was a bridal shop going out of business (owner is in her 70s and retiring to CA) next to his tailor and I managed to snag an amazing dress with lots of embroidery and beadwork for $110!  It will need to be tailored but that easily shaves a thousand dollars or so off what I was expecting to spend.  We were originally shooting for the big day to be May 12, 2012 (our six-year anniversary) but ended up with May 26, since that’s when the cruise we ended up wanting was departing.  Seven days and stops in Mexico, Belize, and Isla Roatan, here we come!

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