3D SexVilla 2


The view from the canteen

3D SexVilla 2

The course I ran in the Netherlands on Tuesday took place in a recently-converted high school. I was somewhat distracted, as you can imagine.

Of most interest was the colleague’s office which boasted floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the former canteen. It was easy to imagine that this had been the headmaster’s office…

On the rare occasion that a girl was to be caned, she’d be called up to see him after lunch; those still eating would be able to look up and see her being lectured. The curtains would then be drawn; they’d wince knowing what was happening, and breath a sigh of relief for her as the curtains were re-opened a few minutes later. Perhaps they’d even be able to see their friend standing in front of his desk after being punished, holding her bottom.

And perhaps, for the worst offences, or where the girl really needed to be made to feel ashamed, the headmaster might not even close the curtains…

Quite distracted, as I say…

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