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The Skinny On Anal Beads

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Anal beads can be an interesting way to spice up anal stimulation, but many people don’t know how to use them. Here’s the downlow.

Women love pearls, necklaces, everything… beaded. So if you choose to introduce her to a different kind of jewelry, one that is meant to give her absolute sexual euphoria, she is not going to say no.

Perfect for the myriad of nerve endings that surround the anus (and for prostate massage, for the willing and experiment bound gentlemen!), anal beads resemble a thread of round shaped pearls (usually five), strung together on a nylon or cotton cord, with a ring or similar handle at the end, designed for pulling. Made of plastic, silicone, rubber, metal or latex, they come in different shapes and sizes, according to desires and needs.

How To Use Anal Beads

  • Lubricate them thoroughly, as well as your partner’s anal opening.
  • If you’re planning to use them also (and I congratulate you if you do), I’d advise you to put them inside of condom, so that you’re not forced to stop and wash them.
  • Also, if they’re threaded on a string (which is porous), they cannot be fully disinfected, no matter how hard you scrub them. The use of a condom is mandatory in the case you two want to play with them together. However, if you don’t like this variant, there’s another one.

Tristan Taormino, in her book, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, recommends using a toy made of a continuous piece of silicone, like Bum Buddies. Insertion and removal of this type of anal beads is smoother (there are no knots to stand in your way) and it is much easier to sterilize. Just boil it in plain water for three minutes.

  • One by one, start to insert them through the anus into the rectum, stopping whenever her sphincter muscles tighten up too much.
  • If she wants a feeling of pressure inside the rectum, you might want to choose bigger sized anal beads.
  • When she is close to orgasm, start removing them continuously, to enhance pleasure. Try various speeds and see to which one she responds best.
  • Some anal beads, like Ready-4-action, are enhanced with vibration technology, for advanced levels of pleasure. Try them!

ATTENTION! When the play is over, don’t forget to count the beads in order to make sure that none has remained trapped down there. If she moves too much or her anal muscles are too active, the thread might end up being torn. If one or two get lost and she can’t push them out naturally, go to the doctor!

You can prevent this by choosing anal beads that are formed together – for example, silicone or hard plastic material that has been poured in a single mold, and the beads are not connected so to speak, but the beads and the connections are all made from the same material and there are no seams or gaps. These are the safest type of anal beads, since there is less of a chance of a bead coming disconnected from the thread, since there is no thread.

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