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The Naked Mile (Dick)

3D SexVilla 2
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We make an annual trek to our family’s vacation home which sits on a 40 acre lot of oak forest. It’s a 4000 ft² house with a huge covered deck overlooking rolling hills of wilderness as far as you can see. We love it there!


Our time in the country is packed to the gills with fun, the kind of non-stop activity you’d expect from Summer Camp, and every year we try to include something new.


This year it was The Naked Mile, an au natural walk twice up and down the quarter mile driveway. Granted, not an activity for the whole family, but it sure was fun for me!


The only time of day available for such raw fun was early in the day before the kids got up. Jane and I enjoyed some adult time each morning (before I made breakfast to usher in a new day) and we heard the forest wake up around us as we walked and talked.


Being naked outdoors is a tactile novelty; the usual rub of fabric is missing and air flows freely over otherwise private skin. The real thrill, however, is psychological and is a liberation from rules learned early in life. There is an undeniable feeling of personal freedom in going naked, mixed with an odd pairing of independence and vulnerability.


Full disclosure requires I tell you Jane only stripped down for the picture (sadly). Perhaps The Naked Mile would better be named The Half Naked Mile… because half of its participants were dressed! Jane doesn’t fully understand my attraction to outdoor nakedness but that’s okay, she happily joins me anyway and the difference in our apparel makes it extra edgy.  :o)


Things I learned from my early morning nature walks:
1. Protect your junk from mosquitoes
2. Starting the day naked outdoors makes me crazy horny all day
2. Get dressed before going back inside to fry bacon.Our next scheduled vacation is to Disney World in March of next year… I can’t wait to see how big my dick looks next to “It’s A Small World”. I’m sure the park won’t mind a little personal expression, I’ve heard it’s a very happy place!

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