3D SexVilla 2


The empty office

3D SexVilla 2

My hotel room in Manhattan for the first couple of nights of my stay, before EJ arrived in town, looked out across the street at a disused office block. When I woke at 5am, there were still lights on in the building, a few forlorn items of office furniture dotted at random around the large expanses of open space.

Just the sort of place, I realised, for the gentlemen to take a girl for their little, long-overdue discussion. To tie her over one of the desks; to give her a final chance to tell them what she knew; to cane her slowly, methodically, each stroke excruciatingly severe across her buttocks or thighs. They’d pause after every few whacks, to give her time to compose herself and decide whether to co-operate, but her lips would remain defiantly sealed.

The flogging ineffectual, they’d take turns with her from behind: forceful, hard, merciless – not troubled by the thought that any early-waking hotel guests opposite would see everything quite plainly. But still she’d resist their interrogation.

“This isn’t having enough effect,” their leader would eventually comment. “Put her in the van. Let’s take her into the country; we’ll certainly get her talking there…”

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