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The Best Sex Tip For Men

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Sex doesn’t come naturally to every guy. In fact, many guys struggle with it. Have better sex by employing this #1 tip for guys.

It is without a doubt the single most powerful way to drive any woman completely wild in bed. But first, why would you want to be amazing in bed? Is it to flame your own ego? Is it to impress her with the most incredible romp she’s ever had? Or are you concerned about her straying away if you don’t perform to par in bed? It’s none of these. The ability to give the woman you love the kind of sex that makes her go crazy will make you feel just incredible. It will bond the both of you in a very deep and profound manner.

The best sex tip in the world will bestow upon you a sexual power and create a level of intimacy you might be mentally unprepared for. There is a certain level of responsibility that comes along with it.

The Best Sex Tip Is…

To pay attention to HER. Focus on HER body. Learn what is working for HER.

This technique is incredibly powerful, because:

Every Woman Is Different

What works on one woman may utterly fail on another. Some women may prefer clitoris stimulation while others may prefer penetrative sex. One may like things fast and furious while another is into slow and anticipatory lovemaking. One may love lots of foreplay, yet another may want to make love right out of the bolt. There is no universal lovemaking technique that works for all women. That is why paying attention to what your woman wants in bed is critically important

You Convey Sexual Confidence

A sexually confident man is a huge turn-on for any woman. Women simply adore men who know what exactly they want in bed and who feel assured about their own sexuality. And paying attention to her conveys exactly that image of you! When she feels complete involvement from you during sex, she can feel the total sexual confidence in you. And for you, because you are so focused in her, you will naturally forget about all your own insecurities and inadequacies in bed!

It Builds Intimacy And A Great Emotional Bond

The reason is simple. A woman’s ultimate sex organ is not in her genitals (sorry, guys!). Her head and her throbbing heart are. You see, when a woman is completely connected and comfortable with you, she will allow herself to totally surrender to you. All her inhibitions will melt away. Know what this means? When she achieves an orgasm with you, it will be far more powerful and intense than anything she has ever experienced.

This is the stuff that women’s sexual fantasies are made of. This is the stuff that the best sex tip is made of. You will create an amazing bond, trust, intimacy and delirious sexual pleasure. Use it well, and use it responsibly!

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