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Cake Beauty: Milk Made Smoothing White Sugar Scrub

I am so in love with the Milk Made line of products from Cake Beauty. So, so in love.

The smell is like sweet, tart raspberries blended with vanilla sugared cream with the tiniest touch of something warm and baked smelling in there. It’s like creamy cotton candy or salt water taffy or some other delicious carnival smell. It’s young and carefree and sexy all at the same time.

It’s pink. Very, very pink in smell.

Today I’m reviewing the Milk Made Smoothing White Sugar Scrub.

This is a big old jar (21 oz) of white sugar mixed with [...]

Just because…

…you think you know me doesn’t mean you do.

I’m starting to think that ALL the people who *think* they know me stopped paying attention a long time ago.

Do you know me?

Or do you know the me you saved in your head that may have fit the me I was then but no longer am?

Tablet Blogging

What can inspire a blogger who hasn’t blogged in months to open the old wordpress? An app on the Nook,of course.

Yes. This is just a test. Sorry! I truly suck.

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