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Is it cold in here or am I just anxious?

Random question: do anyone else’s nipples get hard when they’re nervous?

I assumed it was normal, since it’s happened to me for as long as I can remember, but I’ve googled it recently, and it doesn’t seem to be a “thing.”

Is it just me, or just not something that people post about on the internet enough for it to turn up on Google? XD


Menstrual Cups

I recently tried the Instead Soft Cup and it didn't go well. I could get it in and over my pubic bone but it would pop out and slip down slightly. I could feel it and it made my cramps worse. I think it was too big. I would like to try a different menstrual cup, like the Lunette Cup I found at Walgreens.I am wondering since I could not comfortable use the Soft Cup, will I be able to use a cup like the Lunette shape? I know they are quite different but I don't want to buy one [...]

promoting menstruation after 5 years hbc

Hi Supa Stahs, I looked in the VP search but didnt quite find what i was looking for, answers wise. So, here’s hoping someone out there is willing to help a fellow VagPag community member out!

I posted about a month and a half ago with a pregnancy question when I went off birth control in Japan for 3 months, and after 6 weeks had a pos preg tesr, but an ultrasound showed an empty uterus. So, no fetus, but also, even three months later, no period…and I want to get back on schedule! My husband and I want to [...]

Please share your experiences after stopping HBC? Here’s mine:

I was wondering if any of you who had been on HBC for at least a year or longer and then went off any form of birth control that typically changes your hormone balance would mind sharing your experiences. I was on HBC pill for a year and a half and recently went off it because I'm trying to get pregnant.Because, as I believe I've stated in previous posts here, I am hyper-aware of everything my body does now, I would like some one else's experience(s) to compare mine too. It makes no logical sense, that I am aware of, [...]

took two hbc pills in one night, help?

Hello my lovely Superstars!

So I was completely out of it yesterday and I took my Friday AND Saturday HBC within 3 hours of each other (One around 8pm and the other around 12:45am. oops!)

I'm on Tri-Sprintec and on the third week of pills, took the 5th and 6th pills before my placebos. Should I just keep going with the pack or is it okay to skip the one for Saturday and just take my Sunday one tomorrow night? Had PIV sex yesterday morning also, if that makes any difference (and may have some tonight too?) I tried using [...]

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