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20 years old, no children, endometriosis, tried multiple brands of HBC including continuously, nothing has quite worked the way I'd like it to.

When I next see my gynecologist, I think I will ask for the Mirena IUD. I have no idea if he'll say yes to it, but considering I've been through four brands of birth control, I figure it's worth a try.

Essentially, I'm wondering, for those who have it, what was the insertion like? Luckily, my girlfriend's going with me – I don't know if she'll actually be holding my hand when the doctor pokes [...]

Typical am I prego post lol.

Im on combo BC pill, Sprintec to be exact.

I take them back to back and skip the placebo week in order to avoid having my period and I always take them within 2 hours of each other daily.

Im on the last week of this pack.

Last night I had PIV sex with no barrier/back up protection, this morning I forgot to take my pill and took it about 7 hours late.

Should I worry?

Flagyl (Metronidazole) 400mg

Hi all,I've been prescribed Metronidazole (400mg, 3 times a day) and made the mistake of googling for side effects when I got home from the doctor! Now I'm a bit nervous about taking it and am worried about some of the side effects I read about (diarrhea, nausea, anxiety, dizziness, hallucinations) and managing my work in the busy lead up to the end of the year.

I was hoping to hear, realistically, how other people went when taking this antibiotic. I know everyone reacts differently to medication and I have never had any side effects for previous antibiotics, although have [...]

Tampon Problems

Hello! First time posting here.

I’ve always used pads for my periods just because that’s what my mom always used, and I never cared enough about the mess to switch to tampons. But a little while ago, when I was 17 (I’m 18 now) my cousin was over and let me use one of the tampons she had brought.

It went in fine and all, but within five or ten minutes I started feeling REALLY sick. I’m not really sure how to explain it. I got really dizzy and I had to lie down on the couch, and I [...]

Cramps question….

Hey guys – so I woke up with really bad cramps this morning and I usually don’t get cramps until the tomorrow (when I get my period each month). So I’m guessing the cramps are just showing up early from that bc of any new pheromones I got while making out with a new guy?

And then I remembered I was diagnosed w a strain of HPV last January, but my dr didn’t seem too concerned bc it’s so common. But might the cramps be caused by uteran cancer??

Ps: I found out recently that my anxiety levels might [...]

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