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stinging sensation

My boyfriend came to visit over the weekend and we had sex over 7 times in two days. Everything was great except on the second day it started to sting a little from my pee hole. It's nothing too bad but still, it's been stining every time I pee and it's annoying. Is this normal? Was it the sex? 


Pain during sex – 6 months post partum

Hello Superstars!! I had my first baby 6 months ago. Ever since sex has been really painful for me. It’s worst during initial penetration. The pain is there during the entire time but either it just gets manageable or the pleasure overrides the pain. It feels really tight and burns. I never had any tearing just what the doctor described as “road rash”. My hubby says he can feel the tightness and heat too.

We’ve tried lots of lube and I’ve been pretty relaxed/turned on.

I just came from the doctor today and she said its because I’m [...]

Urgent Care Billing

I just got a bill from an urgent care clinic I visited for irregular bleeding.  

This is what they billed my insurance:

Outpatient visit $166

Urine pregnancy test $48 (!!)

Urinalysis $36

Candida screening $143

another vaginal screening $133

Trichomoniasis $134

Chlamydia $225

Gonorrhea $211————————–$1096!

 I told her I wasn't pregnant.  She said the required the test.  I told her I wasn't at risk for STDs and she said they strongly advise a screening.  No wonder why!  They make so much money from this!  

Thank goodness insurance covered all but my $35 copay and an additional $40 visit [...]

Post-menopausal bleeding/spotting

This past weekend, my mother, who is 61 and hasn't had her period for about 15 years told me, that she was spotting. This isn't the first time this has occurred. This is the third or fourth time this year she's mentioned it to me. On one occasion, she said it was like she was having her period, complete with painful cramps but only lasted 2 days. She's convinced that it's just stress that comes with being unemployed and having a difficult room-mate. I've done a bit of research on this topic and it seems more serious to me. What [...]

Pregnancy questions

Hello everyone,

I am at a loss here and need some help, so here I am.

I am a 37 cis female, single with PCOS.  I have never been regular with my menstrual periods except for the last year.  I lost weight, started spirolactone and metformin and for some reason I started to bleed every 27-35 days.

Except for this month.

I had my normal period on Oct 30th which was fine, 5 days with heavy first two days and then gone by day 5.  I then had unprotected sex with a FWB of mine on Nov 12th and 16th, [...]

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