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How To Be A Lover Who Really Inspires And Satisfies A Woman

Have you ever wished that you could be the kind of lover who really inspires and satisfies your woman?

Great news…husbands are able to become a better lover and when you become aware of how a woman naturally makes love then you too will become a better lover who inspires and satisfies your wife.

Let me help you increase your awareness…

A man’s approach to making love is very linear. It’s very sequential. It’s very direct. It’s a straight line from start to finish that looks something like this:

1. At the moment of opportunity…2. Express interest in sex…3. Engage [...]


One goes about life. One browses the Internet; one sees things and hears stuff. Sometimes one finds something hilarious or touching and one wants to find a way to work it into a post but can’t quite find a way how and so one set’s oneself the challenge of segueing something random into one of your stories.

I’ve often wondered why the scent of pine trees is so much better at night. I lead a physical life but like most people, I lead an olfactory one too. Smells are like a memory bank and the smell of pine takes me [...]

life update (march ’12)

A quick update to say that I’m still here.

I haven’t posted in—wow—six months, due to a number of new changes in my life that are totally positive, but still took some time to adjust to.

That aside, I haven’t actually had all that much to write about lately; my own sexuality has more or less stabilized and nothing is really shaking that boat anymore. Which may sound negative at first, but it’s really not. It just means that I’m more knowledgeable about myself as a person. It does also, however, mean that I’ve less of a need to hash [...]

webcam wet


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