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My Wife Has No Desire For Sex. Help!

Husband, what about your sex-life (or, as some guys say, “lack of sex life”)?

Does your wife seemingly have little to no desire for sex? Consider this man’s note:

“Help! For several years now, my wife has had virtually no desire for sex. At the beginning, things were great in the sex department but now, any sex we have is like she’s doing me a favor. And honestly, I’ve just about reached the point where I’m done with her. If she’d just be more sexual, I’d be happy with her because outside of sex, she’s a great woman. But, I’m [...]

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Party like its 19 2012

Oh my lord, I’m bored. Of this story. Not just this story specifically but the entire energetic balance of this debacle. You’d think Kristen Stewart was the first and only 22 year old woman in the world ever to make a mistake. I’m not suggesting we all go out and have an affair with a married man. It’s not funny or cool or nice for the people who are involved. But strangely, most people do not set out to maliciously hurt people when they embark on such actions.

Yes, if you live in the public eye, you must ‘die’ in [...]

A Coke and A Smile


Our Toy With Me Tuesday entry this week comes on a blast from the past. Years ago, when Coca Cola was the top drink of choice, no TV viewer escaped having the commercial jingle “Have a Coke and a Smile… makes you feel gooood…” stuck in their head. Well, we don’t think this is exactly what they had in mind when they wrote it, but it works for us

And, as NymphomaniacNess suggested in her post, hopefully that will bring a smile to any of our fellow bloggers out there who are feeling under the weather today


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