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Period Pants

I was reading Gorilla Bananas post entitled Lingerie Larceny (sorry, I don’t seem to be able to link direct to the post but it’s about the second one down from the top) and it made me think about our choices of underwear.

After watching several series of Gok Wan’s ‘How to Look Good Naked’, I am [...]


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November Photo Favourites


In this regular feature, I showcase my most recent favourite pics for the month. If you like them, please visit the person in question and let them know – I certainly have!

I’ve long be a proponent of self-love, and Mitsu is as well. Here we see her enjoying one of her safe-spaces, as photographed by Machine.

It’s always a delight to be teased by the peek-a-boo – and Vanillamom excels at it (what a lovely view it is, too!).


This is a monthly feature. Please look for the next photo favourites post in January!

November Photo [...]

Burning books?‏

I’m sorry, but it’s time to name and shame one of the most oppressive organisations in the country when it comes to attacking consenting adults for their sexual preferences.

The BBC ran a story on Monday that an “abuse charity [is] to recycle Fifty Shades as toilet paper”. Apparently Wearside Women in Need originally wanted to burn copies of the book – such lovely historical overtones to that, don’t you think?

Their spokesperson “said the themes of sadism and masochism were ‘vile’”.

No they’re not. I may not like the way S&M is represented in said bestseller, but describing my [...]

Give better oral sex…


We all know that receiving oral sex feels amazing… for you and for your partner… But its not always an easy job for whom ever is performing the erotic sexual act… But what if i told you there is a way to make your partner climax faster, and make their orgasm even more intense! While at the same time making the experience more exciting and delightful for you!

I sampled a product last night that does just that… Divine Oral Pleasures Lip Gloss from the Shunga Erotic Art line.  I recently purchased many romance items made by the Shunga [...]