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Is this all in my head… or am I missing something?

Alrighty this might be slightly long, and for this I am sorry.So a few years ago I was in a committed relationship where I was on birth control had no issues except I got my first UTI and my second UTI in that relationship. It ended badly and I didn’t start seeing anyone for 9 months (which was this past march) Not having sex in a while, I was worried about getting a UTI again which has been the way of my vagina. No matter if I urinate right after, or what not. It’s weird. Okay. So I have [...]

UTI Again?

About a month and a half ago, I got a urine infection. It was a stubborn one, I had three courses of antibiotics over the weeks, and last week I finished the third course and thought everything was okay. 

On Saturday evening, I started to get the urge to pee every five minutes again, and went to bed planning to go to the walk-in centre the following evening after work if it was still happening. However, during the day on Sunday, I was fine – normal toilet habits resumed, so I didn't go see a doc. Sunday evening, I start [...]

So I had sex for the first time last week and we've slept together a few times since. The first time was unprotected but we've been using a condom since. A couple of days after, I was pretty sure I had a UTI; symptoms included the constant urge to go pee and a slight burning sensation. But within the past couple of days I have been really itchy. It's not a surface itch but it feels like it's inside my vagina. I have had no discharge except for the first time we had sex and nothing else abnormal. Furthermore, it [...]


I tend to be a huge worrywart and to overthink things, so this may not be anything. But any response would be nice.

I had my last period about three weeks ago (I think. It’s been at least two weeks x.x). For the past week I’ve been having headaches (probably not related), and the other day I felt like my period was coming on (cramps, slight nausea). Well when I checked, there was only a light spot of blood on my undies, and I haven’t bled anymore since. I’ve felt slightly nauseated at random times during the past week. My [...]



I read through the bv tags but I still have some questions of my own. I can't say for sure if I have it but I do have a grey discharge and a pretty foul smell. It's not uncommon for it to be so strong to me I can smell myself through my jeans. It's quite embaressing at school.I have Boric acid. I just don't know if it's okay to use. I've included some pictures of the boric acid I have. Is it bv? I never used to have much of a discharge but now I do every single day and [...]

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