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Period immediately following IUD removal?

Is it unusual to start your period the week you have your IUD removed? I always menstruated around the 26th, and I got my IUD out on the 26th, and got what appears to be my period on the 28th. Its done everything my period did before, but I don’t know if it could be since i had the IUD for so long….

ETA: I more so mean, is it likely that this is an actual period or just break through bleeding. Can I/should I track it like a regular period?


Stacking Nuvaring

Question: I’m supposed to take out my NR soon, for the first time after 3 cycles on it. Do I have to keep it out for a week or can I put a new one in after, say, 4 days or so? Would it cause spotting?

Excruciating Pain

I can’t write well because I’ve been screaming my head off into a pillow for the last 20 minutes.The YI/BV infection got so bad today that I went to buy Monistat since nothing else worked.I had to grind my teeth all the way home, after having applied the external cream I’ve been crying and yelling because I’m in AWFUL pain. Worst pain.Help!

Spotting two days after period

My past period was a week late, and lasted the usual 6 days. However, two days after it stopped, today I started spotting brown, similiar to how it looks towards the beginning or end of my period. This has never happened before.

I did have sex today. Is it possible that I got a cut or something while I was being fingered? What else could cause this? Im almost positive Im not pregnant.

ouch my boobs! And weird cycle isses. Bonus – could I be preggo too?

Any help from the VPers I have some odd boob issues right now………….

lordy be – they HURT, they are so so very sore – (hubs dont even BREATH on them – looking might not be cool either, touch and I will take your fingers off) the feel sore, kinda tingle and ache, I dont even have to touch them, and they just ache (this is not normal for me)

These days I usually get breast pain up to 2 weeks before my AF comes  (that is the max)

I am on day 20 currently – my pain became noticeable [...]

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