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Change in Microgynon advice?

Quick public service announcement. Did everyone else know that Microgynon seem to have changed their advice on how many pills you can safely miss? I’m SURE it was always that it was fine to miss one but if you missed two you had to use back-up protection etc. Well, I forgot to take mine till 11 last night, checked the leaflet and now it says you need back up etc even if you are just 12 hours late taking it! But the NHS (Uk National Healthy Service) website still says ‘If you’ve missed one pill anywhere in the pack [...]

Tampon Problems

Hello! First time posting here.

I’ve always used pads for my periods just because that’s what my mom always used, and I never cared enough about the mess to switch to tampons. But a little while ago, when I was 17 (I’m 18 now) my cousin was over and let me use one of the tampons she had brought.

It went in fine and all, but within five or ten minutes I started feeling REALLY sick. I’m not really sure how to explain it. I got really dizzy and I had to lie down on the couch, and I [...]



20 years old, no children, endometriosis, tried multiple brands of HBC including continuously, nothing has quite worked the way I'd like it to.

When I next see my gynecologist, I think I will ask for the Mirena IUD. I have no idea if he'll say yes to it, but considering I've been through four brands of birth control, I figure it's worth a try.

Essentially, I'm wondering, for those who have it, what was the insertion like? Luckily, my girlfriend's going with me – I don't know if she'll actually be holding my hand when the doctor pokes the [...]

IUD and sponges?

Hello all,

I’m new here, but have a question…

I have just (like 24 hours ago), had the IUD copper coil fitted. No one told me until after it was fitted that you shouldn’t use anything in the vagina for the first period at least… trouble is it’s probably going to arrive when I’m on holiday.. and beaches, bikinis, sea etc and no internal menstrual protection don’t seem to go hand in hand to me.

I usually use a mooncup, however there are apparently issues with the suction on this and I don’t particularly want to risk using it until [...]

Reasons for Extra Periods?

Back in 2010 I was on Necon .5/35 and had been for about a year when I started getting two periods a month. My doctor switched me to Necon 1/35 which I’ve been using ever since. I had been working great but the past few months if I so much as took a pill 5 hours late it will jump start my period, even if it was the Monday of the second week and I would end up having a really light period for three weeks. This month I’ve been making sure to take extra care taking my pill on [...]

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