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VH Essentials BV Treatment

I'm currently using VH Essentials BV Treatment for the first time. I used only half a pill for the first night. In the morning I had clear odorless watery discharge. It went away though. After awhile I got curious and checked what the discharge was like with my finger and it was clear, mucusy, and oderless. I thought, Alright this stuff is working! I take the other half of the pill that night, next morning same discharge. But when I checked it out later on there were tiny skin like tissue left on my finger and the discharge was [...]

Pregnancy questions

Hello everyone,

I am at a loss here and need some help, so here I am.

I am a 37 cis female, single with PCOS.  I have never been regular with my menstrual periods except for the last year.  I lost weight, started spirolactone and metformin and for some reason I started to bleed every 27-35 days.

Except for this month.

I had my normal period on Oct 30th which was fine, 5 days with heavy first two days and then gone by day 5.  I then had unprotected sex with a FWB of mine on Nov 12th and 16th, [...]

Spider bite treatment

My friend's daughter had an unfortunate run-in with a spider bite on her labia and is now on MASSIVE doses of antibiotics (I think they said 500mg, several times a day… for an 85-pound girl). The two of them are going to the Dr's tomorrow for a follow-up. She is also getting her third period, so things are not at all fun right now. Fortunately, she is pretty open about discussing bodily things in a sciency-and-medicaly-type way, so that is good.

They are looking for recommendations for probiotics. OTC acidopholous is not going to cut it. Mom is [...]


Okay, long story short. I missed my period last month (not pregnant). Went to the gyno who thought i had a cyst and put me on birth control (Portia).

Well, starting Tuesday I had a little bit of brown blood/discharge when I would wipe and then it turned red. Though for the fast few days I am still bleeding but the blood is not coming out because I stuck my finger up there to see if there was any blood and I always have blood on my finger but it's not coming out on my underwear and rarely when I [...]

perineum redness

So my perineum has been red lately and a little sore. I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I read online that it’s caused by infections, etc. I have a bladder infection and I’m just wondering if that’s the cause and when it’ll be gone. It doesn’t hurt when I touch it or wipe it but only when I have an itch.

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