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Scolding the corridor girls

Four hours’ sleep after a manic couple of days at work, including a late-night report to complete. A flight across the Atlantic. Straight into discussions and projects with my business partner in NYC. On to dinner – via an agreeable (if snowy) diversion to a Barnes & Noble. Back to my hotel. Managing to stay awake until 9.30pm – the middle of the night back home – then crashing into the deepest sleep.

Plenty of experience tells me that I’m not great with jetlag on my first two nights on foreign shores in different time zones. So to be [...]

DD revisited

I’ve long said that “domestic discipline” isn’t really my thing – that, whilst spontaneous whackings for occasional misbehaviour can work wonderfully, anything ongoing based on more formal, comprehensive and systemic rules and accompanying punishments doesn’t quite work for me.

The “making a girl feel worse so that she feels better” absolution for real-life transgressions isn’t really my thing when it comes to helping someone keep on track with things that matter to them. I prefer to offer support (moral and practical) in ways other than the threat of painful enforcement – and accompanying disappointment – should rules be breached.

Yet [...]

Caught at the fair

There was a reasonably large police presence at the Michaelmas Fair I visited last weekend. Not that there was any trouble, you understand, but high jinks are inevitable at such events – and the occasional villain might hope to seize the opportunity to pick a pocket or two. The behaviour of some suggested that alcohol had been flowing fairly freely, too – sometimes for those who might not have attained the necessary age to purchase or consume it.

I rather suspect that the fair’s C18th Charter might have envisaged such antics, and introduced special measures to deal with them. Clearly, [...]

Here, going, gone?

It struck me earlier in the week that I hadn’t checked the ‘blogroll’ of sites to which I link from here. So, on Wednesday (5 December), I checked through them.

Of the 22 blogs by people I know in real-life, three no longer exist at all. Nine haven’t seen new posts since Easter – making their sites at best ‘dormant’. Only four have posted in the past month.

Things are slightly better with the 23 other blogs to which I had links – including ones where I may know some of the authors online but not personally. Two of those [...]

A question of attribution

Out of the blue, I received an email the other day, asking: “Why do you think it’s okay to post other peoples copyright pictures on your tumblr yet cry when someone uses a story of yours elsewhere”. Not the most charming of notes, it must be said, from someone from whom I’ve never previously heard. But I still thought it merited a reply, as it touched on an interesting issue. Here’s what I said in response:


To the best of my ability, I never post pictures that are marked with (c), ‘copyright’ or indeed any text / name. That’s [...]

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