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Hot-caring, hot-cruel

Is there anything more appealing than a well-marked girl – her recent beating suggesting a certain vulnerability that manages to be, frankly, incredibly hot.

Yet that can work in two very different ways for me. There’s hot-caring: a beaten girl needing comfort, re-assurance, being taken to bed for passionate but gentle fun (mindful of not hurting her further if possible).

Or there’s hot-cruel: rough, forceful, reminding her of each and every stripe and of the ordeal she’s just been through. Indeed, hot-cruel might even be *part* of the punishment in some scenes, where a girl needs to be abused [...]

The price of admission

Walking through the centre of Utrecht – one of my very favourite cities – late on Monday night, I spied an interesting sight.

Old, traditional building. Wood-panelled dining room. Candles on the tables. Gentlemen, all in their 60s or older, all wearing black tie. Glasses of wine being sipped, at the end of dinner.

The scene was set, it seemed, for the evening’s entertainment. The young ladies would be brought in, in black corsets and matching stockings – for the provision of a suitable girl would be the admission price for each of the society’s members.

Lots would be drawn, [...]

The empty office

My hotel room in Manhattan for the first couple of nights of my stay, before EJ arrived in town, looked out across the street at a disused office block. When I woke at 5am, there were still lights on in the building, a few forlorn items of office furniture dotted at random around the large expanses of open space.

Just the sort of place, I realised, for the gentlemen to take a girl for their little, long-overdue discussion. To tie her over one of the desks; to give her a final chance to tell them what she knew; to cane [...]

The likelihood of tears

So, here’s another little discussion topic. You’ve broken the school rules. You know you shouldn’t have done it; you’re ashamed of yourself; your housemaster has given you a stern lecture as to how disappointed he is in you and how badly you’ve let yourself down. The cane is used relatively infrequently in the school, and you’ve certainly never been in trouble in the past. He tells you that he’s going to give you six strokes on the bare; you know he has a reputation for caning extremely hard.

What do you think would be most likely? You’ll be crying before [...]

Smoking on the train‏

Sitting on the train into London last Friday: a loud alarm starts sounding from the end of the carriage. People look round, mildly panicked; what’s amiss? And then we realise it’s coming from the train’s toilet, and must have been triggered by someone smoking a furtive cigarrette.

A young woman wearing a smart suit emerges, looking guilty, enveloped in a cloud of perfume (presumably to mask the smell). And she walks…

… back to her seat, and buries herself in her paperwork. (Interview prep, I’d guess.)


… or maybe…


… straight into the arms of the train conductor [...]

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