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A naughty Advent calendar


Last year, I brought you Spankvent – a December countdown to Christmas (or, rather, count up, in terms of the number of daily strokes).

This year? Well, I’ve just come up with a naughty Advent calendar for Emma Jane:

Each little door hides a pair of knickers. Just perfect for a kinky girl, don’t you think?


The mass caning

I did a bad, bad thing flying back from Schiphol last week: I went into McDonald’s. My excuse? A quiet place to sit; power sockets to recharge my phone; a dire need for an energy kick from a McFlurry to keep me awake til my flight.

The seating area was host to a group of girls from a posh English school, all wearing matching tracksuits emblazoned with the school crest and name and the dates of their Dutch tour. They were in high spirits, but actually rather sweet.

Instead, I imagined a less well-behaved group disturbing their fellow diners, one [...]

Burning books?‏

I’m sorry, but it’s time to name and shame one of the most oppressive organisations in the country when it comes to attacking consenting adults for their sexual preferences.

The BBC ran a story on Monday that an “abuse charity [is] to recycle Fifty Shades as toilet paper”. Apparently Wearside Women in Need originally wanted to burn copies of the book – such lovely historical overtones to that, don’t you think?

Their spokesperson “said the themes of sadism and masochism were ‘vile’”.

No they’re not. I may not like the way S&M is represented in said bestseller, but describing my [...]

Here, going, gone?

It struck me earlier in the week that I hadn’t checked the ‘blogroll’ of sites to which I link from here. So, on Wednesday (5 December), I checked through them.

Of the 22 blogs by people I know in real-life, three no longer exist at all. Nine haven’t seen new posts since Easter – making their sites at best ‘dormant’. Only four have posted in the past month.

Things are slightly better with the 23 other blogs to which I had links – including ones where I may know some of the authors online but not personally. Two of those [...]

School sports

My mental storylines about girls being punished after school sports have always involve them being wet, bedraggled, muddy. Think rugby, cross-country running… Think supervised showers, followed by sound whackings in the changing rooms with the sports master’s plimsoll.

A long walk in sub-zero temperatures the other day provoked a different idea. Girls in short hockey skirts, freezing in the wind on a sub-zero day. Made to stand with hands on head in the dressing room at the end of the game. Caned on their ever-so-cold thighs. And then sent to strip and shower.

I’m wondering, though, about the effectivenss of [...]

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