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My new smoking hot lingerie!

Last week i ordered a bunch of Male Power mens underwear for my boyfriend from wantdesire.com.

I was so impressed by how sexy and manly he looked in them that i decided that i had to pick up some new lingerie for myself right away! I picked out a fun & naughty style version of a school girl, because you know all men love a hot school girl outfit! Then i also found a more simple sparkled dress with matching little panties.  My guy loves it when i wear new outfits and we are big into role play. He has [...]

Sex News: Anonymous slaps Hunter Moore, new Playboy HQ, another Apple fuckup


Fashion and beauty website Refinery29.com has posted photos that take viewers through the 44,780-square-foot office space of Playboy Enterprises, designed by architecture firm Wolcott Architecture | Interiors. Office Porn: Take Our Exclusive Tour Of Playboy’s Posh BH HQ! (Refinery29) In response to Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore‘s new HunterMoore.tv, a site that might make it much easier to locate, stalk and even harm anyone whose images are published there, Anonymous recently mounted #OpHuntHunter and #OpAntiBully, efforts to expose everything Mr. Moore hasn’t made public or doesn’t want the public to know. Anonymous Hacks HunterMoore.tv, Posts Everything Online [Updated] [...]

Dear Father God…..

Thank you for this day that thee Lord hath made.

Let us be glad and rejoice in it.

Thank you dear Lord that you have NOT blessed me with a wife.

I woke up free this morning with no bondage of being stuck with a woman and all kinds of devious plans to get rid of her like Scott Peterson did with Laci Peterson >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Laci_Peterson and their unborn son Conner.

Thank you Lord for having that Christian girl neighbor be lonely and instead of her seeking to be faithfully celibate and trust upon the Lord for all of her needs [...]

Sex Toy Review: PicoBong Ipo Finger Vibrator [Video]

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Ju Pantera and Erica Vieira Clube do Prazer

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