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Storage Solution: Sex Toy Chest Doubles As Furniture (Dick)


We have a few sex toys, we have a few kids, and we had a small storage problem. We needed a place to keep our stuff, to separate products by material, and to spare nosy children from undue heebie jeebies.

Our solution was a slightly modified aquarium stand which now acts as bedroom furniture with securable compartments. It’s not the type of security that could thwart a determined thief, but it’s good enough for our purpose. Here’s what I did (click images to enlarge or you can also view these pictures as a slideshow)…

Our new bedroom [...]

Granny Fucking

This is a pretty hot video.  Especially if you are into seeing an absolutely smoking hot granny blonde who’s in her 60′s or perhaps 70′s, being made love to via a handsomely built guy in his teens or young 20′s.

This is kinda a Hugh Hefner reversal of fortune.  Hefner is the proverbial dirty old man who has banged a bevy of young blonde beauties all of his adult life.  Hef is in his 80′s and fucks 4 or 5 hot blondes a week who are in their 20′s or 30′s.

In a similar context, the granny of this video [...]


Have you ever found yourself trucking along in life, and then suddenly feeling very overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things you are doing?

One of the reasons I feel so right in a submissive role is that I have a tendency to overwhelm myself in everyday life. I take on lots of projects and don’t make time for those lazy moments. I have a hard time watching an entire hour-long TV show or relaxing with some wine and reading a book or soaking in the bubble bath alone with my thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, Iwantto do those [...]

A New Blog

I’ve started a new blog. You can read it by clicking HERE. Adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

stand back. woman with a sword.

Oh, Dr Who. You showed such promise with the creation of Dr River Song. Whatever happened? Whither the love for the single, childless, middle-aged woman?

I realize that I react as a single, childless, middle-aged woman myself, and that my reactions to your most recent episode, “The Girl Who Waited,” speak as much about you as they do about me; my anxieties; my nightmares; my things that, while silent, go bump in the night. And yet, even as I recognize that I view this episode through my own “Rory-cam,” that is to say lenses that show you what you [...]