3D SexVilla 2


stand back. woman with a sword.

Oh, Dr Who. You showed such promise with the creation of Dr River Song. Whatever happened? Whither the love for the single, childless, middle-aged woman?

I realize that I react as a single, childless, middle-aged woman myself, and that my reactions to your most recent episode, “The Girl Who Waited,” speak as much about you as they do about me; my anxieties; my nightmares; my things that, while silent, go bump in the night. And yet, even as I recognize that I view this episode through my own “Rory-cam,” that is to say lenses that show you what [...]

Wanton Wednesday – Mirror


Ms. Lilly (creator and host of Wanton Wednesday) called me out on Twitter this morning, mentioning my absence from Wanton Wednesday and wondering if I would play today. How could I NOT after that? Especially since she’s celebrating the 2nd anniversary of WW. I’m so glad she created this fun and sexy space for us to share ourselves each week. Without further ado, here are a couple of shots from the fun we had this evening.







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Girlfriends ask, boyfriends deliver: Design your own luxury sex toy


I estimate that at least half of the sex-tech entrepreneurs I’ve written about over the years are men who say they invented their product or service at the prodding of their wives and girlfriends. In many cases, the women keep their day jobs to support the household and prop up the business, and the men try to bring the product or service to market before the whole enterprise crumbles under the weight of financial ruin. (I mention this in case you are one of those people and wondering if you are the only one in the boat. You’re not.)

The [...]

El-wire photos


We finally had a chance to capture a couple of pictures last night of me bound in the el-wire. This stuff is so cool! I can’t wait to have it woven into some beautiful rope work. I think that will look amazing.



Anal Gape teen two dicks


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