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Is It Hot To Get Caught? (Dick)


Have you ever been caught masturbating? Have you ever wanted to be caught masturbating… hoping to be discovered by someone who would be more than happy to assist? Yeah, me too.

Or better, to be the one doing the catching… to walk in on your love interest in full horny hotness rubbing one out, all warmed up and aching for release? Yeah, me too.

Either I am clueless or Jane is stealthy because I have never accidentally stumbled in on her self entertainment. We have planned ahead to have me join her after a personal warm up [...]

Oye Loca Ginyer Alvarez full


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Carrie Prejean Sex Tape

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Dirty girl loves to fuck her ass


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The Carrot is Not a Dildo!


As I trawl through my Tumblr dashboard, I tend to see a lot of cases of ignorance-via-innocence and household objects being repurposed as dildos. Today the object to catch my eye and trigger this post was nothing more than a simple carrot being used by a 19 year old woman as an anal dildo.

I’m sure that many people reading this are not seeing the downside. “An all-natural dildo!” you might say. “A cheap dildo!” could be an argument. “A dildo that anybody can acquire easily!” you also may say. Nay nay, my friends. These reasons are full [...]

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