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Challenging Myself


If there are rules, I tend not to follow them – not unless someone can give me a pretty good reason for that rule to be there. So when it comes to body hair, and society’s rules? I stick my tongue out at them! I have wild bush and silky pits, and I love them like that.

This month, though, I challenged myself – because one of the few areas of my body that I don’t adore is my chinny-chin-chin, and the ever-appearing hairs. So I’ve been ignoring the tweezers and letting them grow, and grow, and grow. [...]

Naked Ambition: A retrospective?

I just stumbled across my chapter from the anthology Naked Ambition, written five years ago, from a completely different life than I have now.

I still really like it. (In fact, my first thought was, “wow, I hope I can still write like this.” Heh.)

It begins thusly:

Every week, I expose myself to a hundred thousand people online and invite them to discuss it in a public forum.

They don’t love me for my body. Hell, some of them don’t love me at all. But they come back each week because they know they’ll find a geek’s-eye view [...]

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Girl Friend Experience – a You Tube Video

Girl Friend Experience is a video just short of 6 minutes long in which 3 young women musically and sensually describe what they are offering to the man who seeks their services.

It is kinda hood inspired IMO.  Not saying that the women are hood rats.  Just saying that they are more representative of The Hood, if you follow my drift.

I can feel the vibe of what these women are offering.  Sensual companionship and intimacy in exchange for a little cash.  This is what the Man who purchases the time of an escort is looking for.  He wants the [...]

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