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That Gunman Guy was Pathetic

I only have one thing to say about the events at Sandy Hook elementary school this past week: The gunman, Adam Lanza, was a pathetic excuse for a human being.

I don’t believe better gun laws are the answer. Certainly, this country needs an overhaul of firearms legislation, but if people want to hurt other people, they’re going to do it. If not with guns, they’ll use knives or bombs or whatever they can find. So right now, all the gun law talk makes me roll my eyes.

I also don’t believe better mental health care is the [...]

Love Glider


Speaking from a purely voyeur perspective, OMFG! I love this toy!

Just today I got an email from Extreme Restraints for 20% off: Spend more than $99 and get 20% off your order (coupon code OVER)

Go! Now! Buy it! Love Glider

I promise I’ll get pics of Coy riding this thing up soon. It’s fucking beautiful!



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Intriguing Reading #43



Your vagina is not a car: “Listen, it’s simple ladies. If you drive your vagina around and leave it double parked on a dark street with the keys dangling in the ignition and an apple pie on the dashboard, how can you expect someone not to amble past and just take it?” (Clementine Ford / Daily Life)

Musings on my Gender-Neutral Childhood: “ I had a lot of handmade toys, made by my parents or their artsy friends, and whatever hand-me-downs had escaped the grubby grasps of my male cousins – these had to be pretty tough and [...]

How To Find The Elusive Clitoris [Video]

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