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Evidence Of A Good Night (Dick)


click to enlarge Sometimes it doesn’t hit me until the next day… how nice it is to have a partner willing to focus so intently on my pleasure.

Since August has been declared Anal Sex Month (by whom we do not know) I figured it was good timing to step out with a reminder for you guys that everyone has a butt. Expecting her to receive when you are also capable but unwilling hardly seems fair.

Of course, penetrating your ass does not provide her with any direct physical pleasure… there’s a lot of “giving” involved when [...]

iits your summer-day with Sandy

Duration : 1007 seconds Keywords: outside,blonde,pool,solo,milf,masturbation,fingering,tanned,shaved,babe,ass,double-penetration,anal

Intriguing Reading #46


My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Gaming Made Me: Fallout 2: “I still distinctly remember the first couple of hours of Fallout 2. Fallout 2 was the first game I picked up of my own volition, and the first game I finished on my own. It would also be one of the only games where I played as a woman–it’s one of the rare instances where, though obviously largely written for a male audience, I still felt acknowledged. I modified one of the starting characters, Chitsa. I appreciated that she was optimized for diplomacy, [...]

Sex and Heart Attacks

It’s the usual story, man trades in wife of thirty years for trophy model and then has heart attack on the job. And this theory was propounded by a study back in March that suggested physical activity like sex could make you three times more likely to have a heart attack in the hours [...]

Kayaking in Back Water Fort Lauderdale

Earlier today I put my kayak in the water at Bill Keith Preserve.>>> http://www.parkgrades.com/parks/bill-keith-preserve  This place is worthy of stopping by for a visit even if you don’t have a kayak.

You can walk its mulch paths and look at the peaceful tranquil water that surrounds it and see boats at the marina across the river and watch boats cruise on by too.

It was my plan to paddle west today.  I would end up over by the bridge that you drive over on State Road 84, which is a half mile or so west of I 95.

There is [...]