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Don’t Miss These Erogenous Zones During Sex

Sex doesn’t have to be all about the genitals. Check out these other erogneous zones the next time you have sex and she’ll go wild!

1. Legs

Play with them, raise them to the high heavens, spread them far & wide, run your hands up and down their lengths – they are yours to be enjoyed.

And did I just hear foot fetish?

If you have a thing for feet, then help yourself to multiple servings of oven fresh toes. Offer them a combo of sucking, licking and biting. The warmth of your sucks, tickle of your licks and the [...]

Kinect goes Wiiiiiiiiiiii, Wiiiii, Wiiii, all the way home — to home base, that is


The month has been full of “OMFG when will someone develop a sex game for Microsoft’s new Kinect thingie” and I have not chimed in, because I don’t have one handy and I haven’t had time to find someone who does. (Also, that two-day-jobs thing really cuts into the rest of one’s life, has anyone else noticed this?)


ThriXXX has been active in the 3D sex game space for years, and you might have already seen its trailer for its Kinect-enabled hands-on game. Sure, the hand is dismembered, but if you’re into the game, you won’t even notice. If [...]

Why Woman On Top Is So Hot!

The woman on top sex position is one of the hottest sex positions to try for both him and her. Here’s why it’s really THAT great!!

What Woman On Top Is

The woman on top position means exactly what it says, the lady straddles you and is calling the shots (well, usually). She’s the rider, you’re the obedient steed. Let’s explore the ramifications with the male perspective in mind.

Limited Movement

Unlike during missionary, you don’t get the whole nine yards of pelvic freedom. If you want to, you can still stroke in this position, but a better way [...]

Blueprint for a Man’s Life


I dug Penelope Trunk’s post, Blueprint for a Woman’s Life. She brought it strong and as usual her stuff was controversial, which I like. I didn’t agree with all of her points–most actually–but it’s worth checking out. I decided to write my own blueprint for guys. I’ve been blogging about relationships/sex/dating on Honey and Lance for 3.5 years (!!!) and I can recommend how a man’s life should go, at least through his mid-30′s. I’d love to see other male and female bloggers write up similar posts and give their perspectives.

Step 1 – Embrace Your Inner Warrior

I’m going [...]

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