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Innocent Looking Girls Party Hardcore – a CFNM Video

This is a very different CFNM video.  I have watched thousands of CFNM videos and this one stands all by it self.

It was created in 2003.  It is just short of 27 minutes long.  What makes it stand out from other CFNM videos?  The setting is in a club, with a stage.  The girls are ALL quite door next door beautiful and conservatively good looking.  ANY girl in this video would be an up scale lucky guys woman.  They are ALL girl next door beautiful and dressed attractively.

They ALL either hand job or suck the male strippers [...]

Food and Thyroid

I’ve been meaning to draw two interesting articles to the attention of my female readers for some time. One is on Bromine and Thyroid health and the other on Soy and Thyroid Health.

Over the last two or three decades, I have started to become more and more aware of thyroid problems amongst my friends [...]

Ghetto hood bitch get that pussy tamed


Duration: 06:58 Keywords: black

Fear and Loathing Behind Net Curtains

‘I know what you do when you’re away. Everyone does.’

The words I had dreaded hearing.

My teenage daughter and I were having a big fight over a major misdemeanour and it had deteriorated, with her usual distraction and obfuscation techniques, into an argument over her view of my woefully inadequate parenting skills.

‘What exactly do you [...]

Alexis Fire and Deja Chan are up to some fun and k


Duration: 12:30 Keywords: deja,fetish,fire,big-boobs,chan,brunette,alexis,lesbian,softcore,on,one,oral-sex,masturbation

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