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Photographin the Blues

For this week’s Toy With Me Tuesday we decided to experiment with a nice chilly blue monochrome gig, but what we couldn’t agree on was which photo is better. I favor the nice and focused dark one that I took– just check out that space-age looking arrangement I made there– but Michele likes her slightly blurred and lighter photo. We’ll let you decide.

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Photographin the Blues originally appeared on Silvia PornoStars on November 27, 2012.


Kayaking from the Colohatchee Boat Ramp in Wilton Manors

Another afternoon on the water.  I was in the mood to paddle some canals in Wilton Manors, which is a city in Florida, that is close to Fort Lauderdale.

Wilton Manors is known as the Island City, cause it is entirely surrounded by water.  It is also well known as one of the most gay friendly cities in America.  San Francisco is well known as being gay friendly too.  Here, I’ll post an old San Francisco song here  >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ_WG3d3GL8

Wilton Manors is the kind of city in which you will often see male couples walking down the road.  It [...]

Abstinence and Pressure


I come from a small town where most people are extremely conservative. Our high school did not have an abstinence-only sex ed program (yay!), but sex was (and still is) always a hard-to-talk-about topic in our community. Gay people stay in the closet. Pregnant teens are shamed. Children before marriage leads to a lot of whispers and, in many cases, a shotgun wedding regardless of whether or not that is the best choice for all parties involved.

There’s this weird type of peer pressure in a repressed community – the pressure to remain abstinent. In the backseats of run-down [...]

Blonde Sister Sucks And Fucks Her New Step Brother


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Ultimate Surrender 002

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