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A survey of the 1.9 million accounts on Ashley Madison revealed that the women who were most likely to commit adultery were teachers, housewives, nurses, administrative assistants and estate agents, whereas for men, the most adulterous professions were doctors, policemen, lawyers, estate agents and engineers.

As a woman, I would say that what most of those [...]


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Ever since the beginning of time, Man had a certain special preference for younger women.  All men?  No.  But idealistically chosen, Man will choose a younger woman over an older one.

Take note, men who have married multiple times, they leave their wife for a younger woman, not an older one.  Donald left Ivana for Marla Maples.  Rare will you see the man who is married to a twenty some thing girl, leave her for a forty some thing girl.  You trade in your old car for a new car, and not visa versa.

There is just some thing about [...]

Clare’s Law – Do You Know Your Partner’s Past?

If someone knew about their partner’s violent history, would they leave before permanent damage was done?

In 2010, 94 women and 21 men in the UK were murdered in domestic attacks. The Freedom Programme in Northern England which works with victims of domestic violence and says it takes on average 35 assaults before someone [...]

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Foreplay Moves That Guys Love

Foreplay isn’t just for girls – guys actually enjoy foreplay before the action too. Check out these steamy moves guaranteed to make him hot.

First things first, foreplay was not invented for men. Most men are just in it for the benefit of women. Bless those men! Still, some men don’t give a crap about women. Of course, those men are jerks. If we are going to focus on foreplay moves based solely on pleasing men then all you need to know is that men are all about their penis.

Men are wired to go from 0-100 in sixty seconds. [...]

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