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Wedding Planning

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to touch base and let you know that a) everything’s going great, and b) predictably, wedding planning is slowly becoming the center of my life. Fortunately, however, Jake is MUCH more into the wedding than I am, so my primary jobs have actually been to be a receptive audience to the HOURS of online research that he puts into every decision, and to rein him in whenever he starts going overboard (which is pretty often). So far, we have decided:

We’re getting married on a cruise ship before embarkation, then everyone can join us on [...]

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Polyamory Leadership Network

Over the last three years, the Polyamory Leadership Network has evolved into a very active entity, however loosely organized.  It includes people from around the world who make some kind of contribution toward raising awareness of polyamory and supporting those who live poly lives.  Basically its members make whatever contribution they wish to make without red tape approval processes.  There is no board of directors, because we poly people are an independent, ornery bunch, don’tchaknow, none of us being especially inclined to answer to authority. 

But seriously, check out the PLN website, and if you are someone who [...]

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I Wish I Had A Hot, Sexy Wife…

Men by the millions are right now thinking to themselves, “I wish I had a hot sexy wife” … but they aren’t willing to “pay the price” to have one.

They aren’t willing to pay the price of learning what they need to learn. They aren’t willing to pay the price of doing what they need to do. And so, because they aren’t willing to pay the price, they get to do without…and they go home to a cold, unhappy wife who is eventually going to get fed up with their unwillingness to “pay the price” and leave for [...]

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