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Photoshoot and lesbian fun at the casting


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Holy CRAP, Her Hands Are Cold! (Dick)


Jane’s hands do not benefit from the modern convenience of central heat. Three seasons out of four her touch is a shivering cold that seems to channel the icy chill of Narnia’s White Witch.

They are inexplicably linked to the weather outdoors, completely independent of our home’s thermostat. It’s cold and snowy where we live right now but it’s cozy inside with a fire in the fireplace… and still, her hands are cold. It is like she has two 5-fingered weather stations at the end of her sleeves. “Honey, do I need to wear a sweater today? Come [...]

Poly Lyrics in Contemporary Hip-Hop/Rap


Looks like the most powerful artists in hip-hop today are including poly concepts in their writing.  I’m speaking of Kanye West’s & Jay-Z’s No Church In The Wild featuring Frank Ocean (From the album Watch The Throne 2011) 

The following is the second verse of the first track on the new album  The song is called “No Church in the Wild” and was written by Kanye West:

We formed a new religionNo sins as long as there’s permission’And deception is the only felonySo never f-ck nobody wit’out tellin’ me

Sunglasses and AdvilLast night was mad realSun comin’ up, 5 a.m.I [...]

How do I deal with my girthy penis?

Q: My penis has too much girth. Erect, it’s a little less than 6 inches in circumference, but none of my girlfriends has ever been comfortable with it. Especially now that my current partner has had menopause. I’m wondering if there’s a special condom that restricts circumference but not length. I expect not, but perhaps there’s something else to do about it. Nothing gruesome, most of the time I like it the way it is.

A: Even if your penis is too thick to be comfortable for your partners at first, there are indeed things you can do to make [...]

Intriguing Reading #43



Your vagina is not a car: “Listen, it’s simple ladies. If you drive your vagina around and leave it double parked on a dark street with the keys dangling in the ignition and an apple pie on the dashboard, how can you expect someone not to amble past and just take it?” (Clementine Ford / Daily Life)

Musings on my Gender-Neutral Childhood: “ I had a lot of handmade toys, made by my parents or their artsy friends, and whatever hand-me-downs had escaped the grubby grasps of my male cousins – these had to be pretty tough and [...]