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Intriguing Reading #48


My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Hawkeye’s arse: “But what if you have super powers? What if scraping over rough brick isn’t really a consideration because you have titanium-strength skin? You don’t feel bullets, let alone cold so why bother with anything other than the skimpiest of costumes? I don’t know about you, but every time Wonder Woman twats someone with an uppercut, I worry she’ll pop out of that corset. If Supergirl turns too quickly or takes a fairly longish stride she’d probably have to stop and tuck her clitoris back into [...]

Brazil Brazil


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The sad death of SSS

It was sad to read on Fetlife the other day of the demise of the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup. It’s been largely dormant in the recent past, and the current moderator’s now decided (absolutely fairly) that the effort and cost of maintaining it is not something he can continue to support. As his final post on the group on 10 December explained:

I’ve just told our ‘bot host to cancel the hosting account. The group will stop working very shortly.

A couple of days later, on Fetlife, he added:

I still have the keys to the domain registry account where the group’s [...]

Why Some Auto Mechanics Suck

When I say suck, I am not referring to them giving blow jobs.

The purpose of me sharing this is not to out any one individual mechanic.  The purpose to the share the truth as to why some mechanics are cheating scum bags.  This can also apply to doctors, dentists,  police officers, air conditioning repair men, cable TV installers….. in effect any one. <<< she’s a cute mechanic !

For this illustration, I am going to use the true story of a mechanic I used to go to.  He is still in business and YOU still have opportunity to go [...]

DD revisited

I’ve long said that “domestic discipline” isn’t really my thing – that, whilst spontaneous whackings for occasional misbehaviour can work wonderfully, anything ongoing based on more formal, comprehensive and systemic rules and accompanying punishments doesn’t quite work for me.

The “making a girl feel worse so that she feels better” absolution for real-life transgressions isn’t really my thing when it comes to helping someone keep on track with things that matter to them. I prefer to offer support (moral and practical) in ways other than the threat of painful enforcement – and accompanying disappointment – should rules be breached.

Yet [...]