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Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama

This is a You Tube video that is about 5 and a half minutes long.  Quite a few gays, lesbian and transgendered express why they are for our president Barack Obama.  I can feel and hear where they are coming from and this is a good part of the reason in my heart of hearts I know Obama is a good president.

However, as liberal and open minded as I consider my self to be, I still feel in my heart of hearts that gays should not be able to marry.  I also think that “don’t ask, don’t tell” [...]

A Solid Investment (Dick)


Jane and I stole a little time for each other this morning, atypical for a Tuesday morning, and before the fun began I grabbed a trusted and reliable tool from the nightstand. Its battery is never dead, it doesn’t get in the way, and it does little more than assist me in giving Jane her favorite thing… a deep dicking with that extra hardness she loves.

Of course, Jane would also tell you the hefty curves of my Stainless Steel Cock Ring do wonders for her clit when we’re positioned face to face. The ring runs atop the [...]

The Wicked Wahine: A Supernatural Story

An innocent tourist stumbles across a shabby little bar in Hawaii where he meets a handful of Asian witches who do the strangest thing to his dick…

Party like its 19 2012

Oh my lord, I’m bored. Of this story. Not just this story specifically but the entire energetic balance of this debacle. You’d think Kristen Stewart was the first and only 22 year old woman in the world ever to make a mistake. I’m not suggesting we all go out and have an affair with a married man. It’s not funny or cool or nice for the people who are involved. But strangely, most people do not set out to maliciously hurt people when they embark on such actions.

Yes, if you live in the public eye, you must ‘die’ in [...]

Older Man’s Love of Younger Women


During this festive holiday season, let us not forget what has kept Man young at heart.

Man is only as old as the woman he feels. This 93 year old man in the wheel chair is feeling a glorious age 18 right now!

Man preserves his fountain of youth via perpetually seeking the companionship of younger women.

Hath not man endured enough punishment in life to not bask in the glory that only a younger chickadee can offer him?

Does not Hugh Hefner have it right?

Leave the hags to that unfortunate bastard who’s stuck with his 50 year commitment. [...]

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