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Extremely Cute Blonde Teen Nailed by Big Black Dick

This is a quality 26 minute video brought to us via Tube8.com  It depicts a very good looking teen blonde with long wavy dream like California blonde hair, as she hooks up with this foreign speaking black male.

I imagine he is of Brazilian descent, but I am not certain.  He has a muscular gym rat type body and she is very sweet looking in her denim jeans and denim clothing, and even sweeter looking when her clothes disappear.

Is the girl really a teen?  Probably not.  Perhaps she is in her young twenties.  However, she has that vivid [...]

Maypos.net Ice Cream Truck

I was driving down Oakland Park Blvd earlier today.  Actually a few hours ago.  I was in traffic and in the lane next to mine, a car or two up, was an ice cream truck.  It was a Ford van, high top type version.  The kind that probably at one time was an ambulance and was later converted to an ice cream truck.

It was sorta kinda your basic ice cream truck.  Not beat up like some of the older ones, but as far as ice cream trucks go, this was just another one of them.

On the back of [...]

“Girl Fever” Erotic Reading Book Review

Posted from [...]

Rori Asks: Have You Ever Faked an Orgasm?

Every Tuesday I ask a question so we can all answer it! My answer is written in the post, and you can tell everyone your answer with a comment – or feel free to write your own blog post about the topic and link to it in the comments below! Read more Rori Asks posts here.

This Week’s Question: Have you ever faked an orgasm?

My answer this this question is something I don’t even have to think about. Yes. Absolutely. Several times. I can’t even count how many times I’ve faked orgasms, even with my current boyfriend (sorry [...]

5 years later, The Toy pairs with Droid to bring more joy


Almost exactly five years ago, I wrote about a complex and interesting Bluetooth-enabled vibrator called The Toy. The one drawback of The Toy was the limited number of phones it was compatible with. But now, there’s a free Android app. I’ve downloaded it, but I have to charge my The Toy to see if it will work with the first production model.

If not, I’m seriously considering spending the £140.00/$212.00 to get a new one. I text with a couple of people who give my soul good, good, good vibrations already, so why not expand that? Besides, my goal for [...]

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