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LELO Mia vibrator review

While we’re often among the first to explore a lot of the newest sex toys, there are instances when we’re embarrassingly behind the times. Current case in point: the LELO Mia. This discreet little clit toy has been touted and applauded over the past years in a way that reminds us of the public hype that surrounded the E.T. movie back in the 80s. And as with E.T., we found it to be just a tad over-hyped, but still very good.

The Mia is well-made, there’s no denying that. The glossy plastic casing is thick and durable, yet [...]

A naughty Advent calendar


Last year, I brought you Spankvent – a December countdown to Christmas (or, rather, count up, in terms of the number of daily strokes).

This year? Well, I’ve just come up with a naughty Advent calendar for Emma Jane:

Each little door hides a pair of knickers. Just perfect for a kinky girl, don’t you think?

Still Interested in Kamala Devi’s Journey Beyond Monogamy?


If you missed yesterday’s revolutionary call on love and liberation, here’s the link to listen to it now free of charge.   It will only be available for the next week.   If you live in southern California or will be in the area next week, Kamala is hosting a no-strings-attached open house on Oct. 23rd at 6:45 p.m. at the beautiful, sensual space and home she shares with her loves that you may have seen on Showtime’s Polyamory: Married and Dating.  Experience her most powerful teachings on love and liberation!    Pre-register here for the entire live Journey Beyond Monogamy [...]

Skilled girlfriend sucks penis

Skilled girlfriend knows how to use her mouth to please naked guy outdoors

Get Ready For Hot Sex TONIGHT!

Sex involves some preparation first if you want it to be really good. Here’s how you can get ready for hotter sex tonight!

Cleanliness Is Next To Sexiness

A big turnoff for a woman is a guy with bad hygiene. You need not just be neat and tidy to keep her interested, but also to prevent infection from bacteria and foreign materials, as you are going to be putting fingers in some of her most sensitive places.

Shower and shave or wash your facial hair thoroughly. Brush your teeth, put on some clean clothes, use deodorant. Trim your fingernails the [...]

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