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Sex and Heart Attacks

It’s the usual story, man trades in wife of thirty years for trophy model and then has heart attack on the job. And this theory was propounded by a study back in March that suggested physical activity like sex could make you three times more likely to have a heart attack in the hours [...]


Kayaking in Back Water Fort Lauderdale

Earlier today I put my kayak in the water at Bill Keith Preserve.>>> http://www.parkgrades.com/parks/bill-keith-preserve  This place is worthy of stopping by for a visit even if you don’t have a kayak.

You can walk its mulch paths and look at the peaceful tranquil water that surrounds it and see boats at the marina across the river and watch boats cruise on by too.

It was my plan to paddle west today.  I would end up over by the bridge that you drive over on State Road 84, which is a half mile or so west of I 95.

There is [...]

Pan Handlers in the Fort Lauderdale Area


Every one reacts differently to pan handlers.  99 out of 100 times I avoid them and don’t give them any money.  I do not have the answers, but I know I do not want to be bothered, and a stranger asking me for spare change or a dollar is bothersome to me.

YOU may feel differently and you may have a much greater heart for their plight than I do and I am thankful for people like you, cause I simply don’t see any benefit for me or the pan handler via me giving them money.

We can get into [...]

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Shunga "Intimate kisses" aphrodisiac delight…


I have just sampled the “Intimate kisses” blazing cherry- Edible Aphrodisiac Oil, and it is a tasty and alluring item that will surely ignite and delight in ways you may never thought possible! I have certainly learned by now, if it was created by Shunga Erotic Art…  then it will be an exciting and unique romantic adventure for all who participate! The oil arrived packaged in a beautifully shaped glass bottle, with a cork holding in it all of its goodness. My lover opened the bottle and dabbled small drops of the oil on my skin in various places. Once applied, the oil was not [...]