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Don’t kill me…

I must have taken leave of my senses last week when I said that I hoped people’s optimism and independence shone out of their stories. To re-cap, I interviewed a cross section of people about the idea of ‘not having found love’. The interviews were published in the Guardian and I often felt, whilst doing the interviews, that when push came to shove, the people I interviewed had chosen the paths their lives had taken, albeit subconsciously, in order that they got to do what they wanted to do in their lives, and not what someone else wanted them to [...]

Rocket Ship Curvaceous

Look what descends from the skies ceiling! Is it a dildo? (We should all be so lucky.) It’s a rocket ship!

No, wait, it’s just an elevator shaped like a rocket ship.

Bloody cinema complex. It’s all lies.

But that didn’t stop us going all the way to the top of the complex on the escalators (flashing all the way), and then coming back down in the dildo rocket ship escalator. Because why not?

What would I do without Hylas and Kiana to encourage and enable me? *grin*

(Yes, there are click-throughs!)


I am still amazed at [...]

That Gunman Guy was Pathetic

I only have one thing to say about the events at Sandy Hook elementary school this past week: The gunman, Adam Lanza, was a pathetic excuse for a human being.

I don’t believe better gun laws are the answer. Certainly, this country needs an overhaul of firearms legislation, but if people want to hurt other people, they’re going to do it. If not with guns, they’ll use knives or bombs or whatever they can find. So right now, all the gun law talk makes me roll my eyes.

I also don’t believe better mental health care is the answer. [...]

DD revisited

I’ve long said that “domestic discipline” isn’t really my thing – that, whilst spontaneous whackings for occasional misbehaviour can work wonderfully, anything ongoing based on more formal, comprehensive and systemic rules and accompanying punishments doesn’t quite work for me.

The “making a girl feel worse so that she feels better” absolution for real-life transgressions isn’t really my thing when it comes to helping someone keep on track with things that matter to them. I prefer to offer support (moral and practical) in ways other than the threat of painful enforcement – and accompanying disappointment – should rules be breached.

Yet [...]

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