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A Very Personal Protest (Dick)


The last time we flew to Mexico I had a good sized stainless steel cock ring in my carry on bag and I wondered what might happen when I went through airport security and customs during our International flight. Nothing, that’s what happened. It probably lit up like neon on the x-ray screen… it didn’t look dangerous (apparently) but it wasn’t of interest either. That or the screeners just didn’t want to go there.

I just got a new hunk of man steel that’s even heftier than the last… it weighs in at a half pound and adorns [...]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaginas [Video]

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Sex Positions He Likes Best

Sex positions can change up in your sex routine, but what does HE like best? How can you make sex better for HIM (and have him drooling all over you)?

What She Said About Sex Positions For Him:

I’ve always assumed that guys would like “woman on top” best because it offers them a great view of a sexy naked lady, her glorious breasts and her blissful face. Plus with her on top, the man can just lie back and relax a bit. But, I recently came to find out that some men find “woman on top” emasculating! Not emasculating [...]



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e[lust] is back and accepting submissions for Edition 41!

Welcome back, and my apologies for the hiatus.

Please be sure to visit the Submission form to send us your best post. Due to not accepting submissions for October, I will extend back the eligible post date to include anything done in September if you really don’t have anything worth submitting from October. However, fresher content would be best if you have it, but I can certainly understand if you wrote something super awesome.

Please also be sure to send in your monthly-meme self portraits in via the Photo Submission page…all guidelines for photos can be found there too.

Submissions [...]

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