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A Very Asian X-Mas Indeed

Gracie’s top three book gifts this year each have an Asian theme. While this was not intended (you might even say this is The Accidental Occidental Holiday List), Gracie prefers to think of it as serendipity ~ for each of these works is singularly wonderful.


I Want to Suck Your… Soul?

Truth be told, I believe that spirituality and sexuality are the two most important forces in the universe. Without them we simply wouldnt exist. No, seriously, we really wouldnt exist. If this is true, then how can God not be sexual in nature?

Raising Sex Positive Daughters

We often hear folks prattling on and on about the dangers of sex positive women, especially when those women are mothers; we hear how those women damage their children, especially if those children are female; but what we don’t often hear are the facts:

Children raised in homes where human sexuality is discussed appropriately as a healthy part of a human being’s life grow to become healthy, sexually responsible and responsive adults.

On this week’s Cult of Gracie show you’ll hear the amazing truth from one family.

The Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy # 12

I bring you the latest (and late) issue of The Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy.

Marriage In My Lifetime & Yours

Horrific examples from Wives Legal Rights, by Richard T. Gallen, a Dell Purse Book, 1965.

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