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Asian cougar in garter belt sucks like a beast


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Happy Birthday Ariel – Critical X


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Five Reasons Why Summer Is a Single Gal’s Best Season

So you’re single this summer—so what? There’s no better time of year to be on your own, so celebrate your status and make the most of the season with our list.

Ann Coulter Dreams – Black Gang Bang Sweet Frail Blonde

This is a 22 minute video brought to us via Redtube.com

As I watch this video, which entails a very cute slender blonde sucking and getting anal fucked via 3 black guys.  I can’t help but to imagine if she was Ann Coulter and how many American men dream of Ann Coulter being anally fucked in this manner.

I ponder further……  Donald Trump, as much as he loves President Obama (ha ha ha ), Trump was willing to pay $5 mil if Obama would reveal his college grades and pass ports for the public to see.  I ponder, would Donald [...]

Tim Tebow and the Girl He was Not Humping are No Longer Not Humping Each Other

Aaaaahhhh the trials and tribulations of being a single male and leading the good Christian life style.

Odds are that after all of your years of celibacy, when you finally do marry the perfect Christian girl of your dreams, you will STILL have greater than a 50% chance of a divorce.  Yes your marriage will break up.

Not to be a downer, but the higher the expectation and surely the Christian life style is one of great expectations, the higher the chances of failure.

The more you put into some thing, the more pissed off you are when it does [...]