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January Seraph: red Louboutins and black latex


Whatever it is that I’m doing with my life, I’m clearly doing it wrong. In this photo she just tweeted, January Seraph shows in this photo that she is doing it right. She’s also profiled in this December’s Penthouse.

Still, I hear my feet aren’t bad for a nerdy chick.


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The crickets chirping on this blog wouldn’t make you suspect it, but I actually have been kind of busy the last few months. For one thing, I’ve been enjoying a simply crushing melancholy, one that has come complete with a charming shame spiral and the consumption many big blocks of cheese. It has been simply fabulous trying to get out of bed in the morning (and usually succeeding). Fortunately for those who love me, or even those who love to loathe me, it remains as difficult now as it ever has been to find a guillotine on EBay, and thus [...]

Hungarian Amateur Fuck


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Gabriella Moore – Another Anal Video

This video is 19 and a half minutes long and brought to us via Videos.com

Gabriella Moore, to ME, is the quintessential perfect woman.  If a Barbie doll is supposedly the perfect woman in doll formation, then Gabriella Moore, to me, is the perfect woman in real formation.

She is slender, has a toned body, is cute in a girl next door kinda way.  Especially in this video with her pig tails.  She loves to be fucked in her ass hole.  I love her perfect teeth and bright smile.  Her manicure and pedicure are always meticulously perfect.  She is a [...]

How To Give Women Multiple Orgasms EASILY!

Multiple orgasms are often considered the “holy grail” of sex. They’re not as difficult to elicit as you might think – here’s how to do it the easy way.

Men may find it very easy to get into the mood during sex and even easier to reach a climax. But for women it takes more time and effort. If you wish to amaze her when it comes to your sexual ability, you have to be able to meet her personal preferences and get her excited with your mysterious ways. What is promising though, is that when you do get her [...]

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