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Abstinence and Pressure


I come from a small town where most people are extremely conservative. Our high school did not have an abstinence-only sex ed program (yay!), but sex was (and still is) always a hard-to-talk-about topic in our community. Gay people stay in the closet. Pregnant teens are shamed. Children before marriage leads to a lot of whispers and, in many cases, a shotgun wedding regardless of whether or not that is the best choice for all parties involved.

There’s this weird type of peer pressure in a repressed community – the pressure to remain abstinent. In the backseats of [...]

Liz Black on Amateur Creampies


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milanfucking a milf


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Miss was built for sex


Miss Godess put on her pretty pink fishnets for this romp on the sofa.

See You Later, Alligator!

Work demands a last-minute foreign trip, so I’m packing my bags and heading out for about ten days. I don’t know what the Internet sitch will be like on the road, so if you’re waiting for a reply from me, I’ll answer as soon as I get home!

Until I get back, I have a little comment challenge for you. Imagine you’re flying out for a business trip and when you get to your hotel, your partner has a little surprise for you…he or she flew out on an earlier flight and is waiting in your room naked! You [...]

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