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Sherri Williams plays by Alabama rules, opens sex toy drive-thru


I wrote about Sherri Williams v. Alabama in 2005 (“Do You Have an Rx for That Vibrator?“), describing the battle Sherri fought to keep her Pleasures stores open after Alabama banned sex toy retail “for immoral purposes” from the state. I wrote about the case again in 2007 when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider Sherri’s appeal (“Chaste Home, Alabama, Where You Can’t Buy a Dildo“).

Now Sherri is in the news again: she has opened a Pleasures store with a drive-thru window, right there in Huntsville, Alabama. I’m impressed by her ingenuity and persistence.

Sex toy drive-thru: [...]

Romney’s Binders Full of Women: All My Wives


“Binders Full of Women”  memes might be the internet’s biggest takeaway from last night’s Obama Romney debate.  (Mitt’s language skills certainly leave something to be desired!)  So naturally someone connected a couple of dots and came up with a Mitt binder labeled “All My Wives,” Mitt being Mormon and all, not that he actually has more than one wife.  That we know of.  Still, I prefer Polygamy Porter’s long-time marketing approach. “Why Have Just One! Bring Some Home to the Wives!”(That’s Joseph Smith there in the beard.) But back to those binders full of women.  For sheer laughs, I enjoyed these especially.  [...]

Spanking porn

Picture the scene: a group of vanillas standing around the water cooler in an office one morning:

“What did you get up to last night?”

“Watched a porn movie.”

I somehow can’t imagine it. And with spankos, too, I sense a reluctance to discuss our viewing habits. We may share – sometimes surprisingly openly – all sorts of details with our kinky friends about our spanking play, fantasies and exploits. But discussing the spanking videos we’ve watched lately? It’s in my experience rather more rare.

Now, I watch plenty of spanking porn; I have a ‘porn drive’ full of my [...]

Fifty Shades of Grey Effect Hits New York

Tweet Since the release of Fifty Shades of Grey fetish fever has spread throughout North America like wildfire. Spurred on by the overwhelming popularity of the series, Men and Women alike have…

Spread those legs!!!


Lets face it everyone… Getting your partner to spread their legs can take a lot of time and effort. So once you finally get those legs open, i recommend you make sure to keep them that way!

Recently i was shopping for the right tool for the task of keeping my legs spread open wide, i love bondage play and enjoy the feeling of having my legs forced open.

I did some research and found a great store online that sells sex swings, sex swing stands and other bondage items. I purchased the awesome 24″spreader bar from www.eroticsexswingsandthings.com. You can choose [...]

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