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she was a young american

Sorry to those of you who enjoy the sound of my voice. There's no audio for this piece because I don't do accents.

So, I ask him, how does it feel to be written about?

He narrows his eyes at me and does that thing with his shoulders and his mouth, that particularly Italian gesture where his lower lip and his shoulders make this twin parabolic arc, two parentheses echoing one another. He sets his fork down on his plate next to the brown bits and blubs of rabbit.

“You want to know?” He asks. He’s got these blue [...]

What We Do or Who We Are? Round 2 with Dan Savage


Dan Savage has included more thoughts in today’s Slog Blog about the controversy he started last week in advising someone seeking his advice that polyamory is something people do and is not who they are as an identity.  He is still having a hard time grasping what many are saying.  I have written an in-depth response because the questions he asks, which seem simple to him, are anything but simple.  In comments I wrote the following.

…. Dan, I think a key component of understanding this question is the context in which died-in-the-wool (if you will) polyamorists live out their [...]

Miss was built for sex


Miss Godess put on her pretty pink fishnets for this romp on the sofa.

Living Stingy.Blogspot.com and the Newton, CT Massacre

I don’t know how I ran across this Living Stingy blog, but once I did I found my self reading it for 2 or 3 hours on end.

The blogs author is a man who is a patent attorney, his name is Robert Platt Bell. <<< Robert Platt Bell

He writes in a manner that is very interesting, very transparent, very down to earth and real, with the combined effect that you know he is a very educated man.

His writing and rationality kind of reminds me of Robert Ringer, who is the author of Looking Out For #1 and [...]

Bob’s Wife Cheated On Him…And What YOU Need To Learn From Bob!

Fellow husband, are you falling short in satisfying and fulfilling your wife? I’m wondering this because I see the same “pattern” emerge again and again when a wife cheats on her husband.

As someone who does extensive research into marriage relationships, I frequently get to interact with men whose wife has cheated on them. And, what’s interesting is that these men “thought” they knew their wife…they thought they knew what she wanted…and what she liked and didn’t like…and who she really was. But, when these men contrasted what they “knew” with what their wife and her lover actually DID, they [...]

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