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Sex Positions He Likes Best

Sex positions can change up in your sex routine, but what does HE like best? How can you make sex better for HIM (and have him drooling all over you)?

What She Said About Sex Positions For Him:

I’ve always assumed that guys would like “woman on top” best because it offers them a great view of a sexy naked lady, her glorious breasts and her blissful face. Plus with her on top, the man can just lie back and relax a bit. But, I recently came to find out that some men find “woman on top” emasculating! Not [...]

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Asa Akira Gangbang

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The mass caning

I did a bad, bad thing flying back from Schiphol last week: I went into McDonald’s. My excuse? A quiet place to sit; power sockets to recharge my phone; a dire need for an energy kick from a McFlurry to keep me awake til my flight.

The seating area was host to a group of girls from a posh English school, all wearing matching tracksuits emblazoned with the school crest and name and the dates of their Dutch tour. They were in high spirits, but actually rather sweet.

Instead, I imagined a less well-behaved group disturbing their fellow diners, one [...]

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