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Review: Sh! Leather Corset Harness


There are many types of strap-on harnesses on the market which mostly vary on strap style, material, and cock attachment. The corset-style harness is distinct and characterized by having a wide piece that connects around the waist which laces up the middle and rests right above the ass. Corset harnesses are feminine and the wide back helps to frame the ass as well as adds to the support and makes sure the straps don’t dig into my sides while I’m wearing it. These are one of my favorite styles of harnesses.

Aside from the corset feature this harness [...]

Satin Panties Lesbians Make Love


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Lonely Blonde Showing Off – Wildlife


Length: 09:09 Keywords: solo girl

They Said He Was A Sex-Addict (You’ve Got To Read This Story)

I continue to be amazed at how insane our “women’s-lib-conditioned” world grows. Even more insane is that certain MEN have so bought into that agenda that they have become better “women’s-libbers” than the women ever were.

Take this true story for instance (the names have been changed for privacy)…

Bob and Sue were married for 4 years before they had children. During that time, they had a pretty good marriage. Sure they had their bumps in the road just like everyone does but overall, things worked pretty good and the needs on both sides were met at a satisfactory level.


Love Twins – Lyndsey and Lacey Love are Twins Who Get Fucked Good

This is a 33 minute video brought to us via Tube8.com.

Tell ya what makes this video so good, on top of the hot sex with in it.

The first 10 minutes of the video is real dialog between the guy who’s gonna fuck them. (If I recall, his name is Johnny in the movie and the other guys name is Julian).  For 10 minutes they converse and there is a story line that is quite interesting. <<< the bald guy who fucks them both in the video

In the same context, these twin girls have a web site that [...]