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Fellatio by Puffing Billy


What’s Puffing Billy, you ask? (I sincerely hope you’re not asking what fellatio is!) Puffing Billy is a historic steam train that runs in the Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne. And it’s what you find at the end of the train line m’Lady and I took on the day of our adventures.

So of course we took a wander and had a look. It looked like a train. I was more interested in the scenery – so we found a lovely picnic area, and then wandered some more, along the tracks that the train follows.

And found a very [...]

Cherokee D Ass Movie 37


Length: 23:56 Keywords: ass, black, doggystyle, sexy, ebony, blowjob, bubble, butt, anal, cumshot

Fear and Loathing Behind Net Curtains

‘I know what you do when you’re away. Everyone does.’

The words I had dreaded hearing.

My teenage daughter and I were having a big fight over a major misdemeanour and it had deteriorated, with her usual distraction and obfuscation techniques, into an argument over her view of my woefully inadequate parenting skills.

‘What exactly do you [...]

Follow-up: ThriXXX supports Kinect and Fleshlight simultaneously


I’ve had a great email exchange with Brad at ThriXXX and am still following up on some details to see what I can and can’t publish about what’s coming up (so to speak), but for now:

Yes, the plan will be to support simultaneous use of multiple devices.

The Vstroker/Fleshlight is a USB device and the Kinect camera and other motion-sensing cameras are typically USB, so as long as there is a device driver for every USB device, we should be good to go.

The challenge of course is making sure the sensations that occur in devices like the [...]

Worship my Cunt – Mayhem


Length: 20:44 Keywords: fetish