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Review: Ola Vibrator


Is it too early to pick a toy of the year?

I know I gush about sex toys often, but seriously, y’all, this is the coolest one I’ve tested out in a long time. I’ll keep an open mind until December, but the Ola from Minna (graciously sent to me from ToyDemon), is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition at this point.

About the Product:

Here’s a quick video that covers how it works:

Basically, it has a soft, puffy stimulation pad that you squeeze to create vibrations. Squeeze it hard and you’ll get fast, intense [...]

Jordan Skye with Dick Delaware, Talon, Jenner and John Espizedo

This video is a short one, just short of 5 minutes long

I ran across it while doing a search on Tube8.com. Jordan Skye has the look with in a black woman that I love. It is kind of that Halle Berry look.

My ideal black woman is one who has white western features. In other words, all of the beautiful features that I seek in a white woman, I also seek them in a black woman. The small and narrow nose. The average size butt. The shortly trimmed toe nails.

Halle Berry possesses white woman features in a black [...]

Info. On Sexual "Breaking"


Today"s featured video is Info. On Sexual "Breaking". "Breaking" during sex involves the dominant partner working with the submissive partner until she/he becomes 100% vulnerable and puts their absolute trust in the other. It's an intense process for both. Here the ladies discuss … watch video

These girls aren’t shy – Wayne Enterprises


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Moments Men Remember When the Relationship Ends

When I think of ex-girlfriends, I tend to remember the moments of awkward beauty more than anything else. What men remember from past relationships may surprise you…