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MILF and Teen Blow Job Compilation

This is a 27 minute video brought to us via Alphaporno.com.

It depicts a dozen or so scenes in which primarily older attractive women, aka mothers I’d like to fuck, are sucking a younger guys cock.

Often times there is a teen girl, legal I am sure, meaning she is 18 or 19, and she helps her Mom or boy friends mother suck the guys cock.

The video is quite good in the context that I find most of the females in it hot enough that I would hook up with them in real life.  That is my barometer [...]

Strapons Get Her Soaked!


Length: 08:58 Keywords: bella, brunette, lesbian, squirting, strapon, home made, amateur

Slow Words at Midnight


Sleep eludes me. The humidity is high tonight; the air stifling and heavy with heat. Auckland in the heart of summer breathes moisture, and that same dampness has kept me awake when I should be sleeping.

So I have risen, leaving Apollo to slumber. I sit quietly at the keyboard, desk fan whirring beside me and a glass of milk cooling my throat. One cat keeps me company, resting on the chair beside me, while the other is out prowling the neighbourhood, making his mark and claiming his territory.

These are dreaming hours, but I slumbered long this morning instead, [...]

Top 10 Men Women Fantasize About

Why would we want to settle for some dime-a-dozen, regular Joe when we can hold out for our true fantasy? Savvy Miss looks at the top 10 men women dream about.

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