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What To Talk About After Sex

Sex is a wonderful thing, but afterwards can be a little awkward if you don’t know what to talk about. Here are some tips for after sex discussions.

Ok, semen’s out. Now what?

The world doesn’t end when you orgasm, there is a continuing, social, person-to-person interaction after intercourse. That intimacy bubble doesn’t burst when you ejaculate. This may not be evident in one-shot deals where you’ll probably never see each other again, but it becomes very obvious in long-term relationships.

What Is After Sex Talk?

Afterplay talk is very similar to boy-girl date conversation, the only difference is that [...]

Bondage rope for beginners…

Have you ever had the fantasy… Where you are in a sexually helpless situation? Like being tied up or held down and taken advantage of sexually?

Does this thought secretly turn you on? Or maybe you like the thought of having complete control of your partner?

It’s actually a very common fantasy that many people have, though many are not willing to admit it.

I have had this fantasy…

I love the thought of being tied up and made a naughty sex slave for my partner! I love the idea of him being able to do what ever he wants [...]

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Cunt Licking

She didn’t used to like it when I expressed the desire to give her a good cunt licking but I have persisted.

She didn’t used to like me being down there.

Previously, I would push her back on the bed or sofa, forecfully spread her thighs and just lead with my nose. Truth be told, that can be a bit tough on a guy’s neck, even when I prop her bum up on pillows.

So I have developed a new technique that I particularly want to indulge and refine today.

I’m lying next to her but with my head pointing [...]

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