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Sex Positions She Likes Best

Sex positions can make sex even better, but guys don’t often consider what a girl wants. Here are some of HER favorites you can use for great sex tonight!

A happy woman is vital to your sex life! Everyone knows men and women love sex, but which sex positions do women like this? Here are some tasty treats for you and your lover to try out!

What She Said About Sex Positions For Her:

All of them! OK, I know I represent a small majority of women who love sex in every form and position! And I am lucky [...]

This Week on Savage Love: Dan Gives Poly People the Last Word on Poly as Orientation


How lovely to see that Dan Savage was as good as his word when he remarked a week or so ago in the Slog Blog that he would be giving polyamorists a chance to have their say regarding a statement he made to Polyamorous PolyMath (“PP”) (scroll down to the second letter), saying that polyamory is something you do and not who you are.  The question of whether polyamorous counts as a sexual orientation added to the ensuing confusion mele’, but orientation indeed it is, though a relationship orientation.  It really doesn’t fit as a sexual orientation, unless you count liking to have sex with [...]

Granny Anal Compilation

What happens to the slender, lovely and beautiful legal teenager and young twenties woman who has grown to love anal sex, when she becomes an older woman?

She then becomes a woman in her 50′s and 60′s who still loves the anal sex of her youth.

This video is just short of 8 minutes long and is brought to us via xnxx.com.

The depicts a dozen or so women all in their fifties and beyond and they all seem to love a cock in their ass and cum on their lips and face.

They are all quite good looking and [...]

Urinary Tract Infections and Stress Incontinence

I regularly get a great newsletter from Mary O’Dwyer of Hold It Sister.

This quarter, there are articles on the over-treatment of Urinary Tract Infections

This is an ailment from which I have suffered a lot over the years. I never really got to the bottom of it, so to speak, but regular sex did [...]

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