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Sierra Black on HuffPo With Advice on Taking More Than One Honey Home for a Visit


An excellent blog post has just been written by Sierra Black, a polyamory writer and activist in the midwest, with great advice on how to handle taking more than one partner home for a holiday celebration. 

Sierra has landed herself a blog on Huffington Post’s Women’s pages, and this subject is not being shyed away from.  .

So have a look, you never know when these skills will be required by your own poly life.


Ginger Lynn in a retro group session! – Porn Star Legends


Length: 09:32 Keywords: group sex

4 Things Most Men Don’t Know About Giving Women Jaw-Dropping Orgasms!

An orgasm is something guys want to give to their lovers, but don’t know how. Are you missing out on these things that will give her an incredible orgasm?

Who wants to know about scintillating secrets to please your woman in bed? If you are anything like the hot-blooded, testosterone-driven men reading this, you probably have your hand raised up high, don’t you? When it comes to understanding female sexuality, most men are woefully clueless. But all you need to know are these 4 facts about the female sexual arousal, and you are on the way to sexually fulfilling your [...]

What you want…

I know what you want.

I know how much you want to hold the woman who wants you to make love to her. To take her in your arms knowing that it is just the start of the journey and the eventual destination is wet and wanton and wicked.

You want to feel her press her breasts [...]

Examining My (Conflictingly) Poly Self

I know that I’m poly, to some level.

I call myself “theoretically polyamorous,” as in, I know that I’m capable of being being attracted to or in love with multiple people at once, but I don’t put it into practice in my life, i.e. in a practical sense, I am monogamous.

There are many reasons for this. When I think about how I act when I’m dating someone, it takes enough time and energy to just do that with one person that I can’t imagine putting equal time and attention on even more people. Also, contradictorily, I can be quite [...]

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