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The mass caning

I did a bad, bad thing flying back from Schiphol last week: I went into McDonald’s. My excuse? A quiet place to sit; power sockets to recharge my phone; a dire need for an energy kick from a McFlurry to keep me awake til my flight.

The seating area was host to a group of girls from a posh English school, all wearing matching tracksuits emblazoned with the school crest and name and the dates of their Dutch tour. They were in high spirits, but actually rather sweet.

Instead, I imagined a less well-behaved group disturbing their fellow diners, [...]

Review: Liberator Heart Wedge


Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of a sap and have a serious soft-spot for heart-shaped things. Even three of my eight tattoos are hearts or heart-shaped. So understandably when Liberator first released their Heart Wedge as a limited edition item I fell in love, which is also why I gave one away not too long ago01. Luckily Liberator has decided to add the Heart Wedge to their Home Decor Series so even though it started as a limited edition item it’s fixed to be around for a while.

The day I received my Heart Wedge I practically squealed [...]

This chick gets gangbanged – Rapture


Length: 37:46 Keywords: group sex

Suck it dry p.1

Duration: 01:05:19 Keywords: suck dry deepthroat facial

How Masturbation Helps


Today"s featured video is How Masturbation Helps. How does masturbation help & why? What about it helps our sex lives? Masturbation is important because we learn how to get ourselves off. When we know how to reach orgasm on our own, can we teach our partner how to do it to us! watch video