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Sex News: NYT: spanking and porn, biplayful Bond, facial recognition in porn, is monogamy dead?

Image: Cover of Playboy South Africa, November 2012, via Copyranter

I’m understandably worried about the merging of facial recognition technology and porn: SexFaceFinder, a website that allows users to find their dream girl lookalike using facial recognition; easy, fast and free. Its platform offers users the ability to upload. The Case for Facial Recognition (XBIZ.com) Great sex-positive piece on NYT’s website by Jillian Keenan: “At 17, I met my first boyfriend while living abroad. He was 24 and so comfortable with his sexual identity that on our second date he asked whether I had “ever received a severe [...]

Sierra Black on HuffPo With Advice on Taking More Than One Honey Home for a Visit


An excellent blog post has just been written by Sierra Black, a polyamory writer and activist in the midwest, with great advice on how to handle taking more than one partner home for a holiday celebration. 

Sierra has landed herself a blog on Huffington Post’s Women’s pages, and this subject is not being shyed away from.  .

So have a look, you never know when these skills will be required by your own poly life.

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The Wicked Wahine: A Supernatural Story

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