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The crickets chirping on this blog wouldn’t make you suspect it, but I actually have been kind of busy the last few months. For one thing, I’ve been enjoying a simply crushing melancholy, one that has come complete with a charming shame spiral and the consumption many big blocks of cheese. It has been simply fabulous trying to get out of bed in the morning (and usually succeeding). Fortunately for those who love me, or even those who love to loathe me, it remains as difficult now as it ever has been to find a guillotine on EBay, and [...]

tia sweets bangbros full


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My fabulous glowing club outfit!


I just attended a wonderful “glow party” held at Upstairs at Club Risqué located in the Penn’s landing area of Philadelphia… 

When i found out this event was coming to town i was so excited… I had never been to one before. I needed to find the perfect outfit to wear, and fast! So went shopping online at wantdesire.com…  I found something great in the club wear section in just a few minutes. It was a neon pink halter top dress with a matching thong from the Party girl collection, made by Magic silk. The color was just so bold and bright [...]

Understanding OCD

Ruf, my children and my ex regularly mock me for my desire to check that the gas is off and the front door has been closed. It’s an obsessive desire, borne from the times when we have driven away and noticed that someone has left the door open or returned to the kitchen some [...]

‘Werewolves’, revisited


Compare and contrast:

“Dances with Werewolves”. A spanking memoir by Niki Flynn – a long-standing favourite, still highly recommended – of which I was reminded when writing yesterday’s post about “50 Shades”. “Dances with Werewolves”. A $10m budget Hollywood horror movie about Confederate Prisoners of War (go figure!), due (according to IMDB) to be released next year.

Oh, how I hope at least a few people looking for the “book of the film” end up stumbling onto the pages listing Niki’s book instead!