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Wanton Wednesday – Pink skirt


My newest favorite thing is to have my breasts beaten with the crop. As with many new activities I’ve discovered and tried over the past few years, I’m struck by a couple of things. First of all, why haven’t I tried this sooner? Secondly, I’m kind of surprised I like this. And like it I do! Alec was kind enough to indulge me in a number of whacks (on my tits as well as my ass) during the course of our photo shoot involving the Crystal Delights plug and dildo I won recently. Here’s a look at some of [...]

Horny slut gets her ass fucked hard while she’s sucking on a big black cock


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Self massage made much easier…


Have you ever felt like you had achy spot in the middle of your back that you just couldn’t fully reach? That’s kinda what having a lover is for, right?

But if you haven’t yet found the “right one”, or your partner just happens to never be available when duty calls… I know a great tool for you…

The “Natural Contours, Ideal” Body Massager with multi functional grip. This massager has a super power like no other body massager of its kind…

Not only does it allow a stream constant strong vibration, but it can reach angles of [...]

Can you feel when a man cums inside?

Q: My boyfriend always asks me if I feel him cum. I can’t feel it. I can tell when he cums from his physical change or sounds he makes but I can’t feel anything inside me. Is this unusual that I can’t feel anything? When reading porn, it makes you thing that you should be able to feel it. But hey, how true is that?

A: It’s common that women don’t feel their partner ejaculating inside of them; many other women report this. While there are nerve endings in the vagina, most are close to the vaginal entrance rather than [...]

Oye Loca Alexis Love full


Duration: 29:22 Keywords: Oye Loca Alexis Love straight

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