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10 Sex And Marriage Truisms That Affect YOU

Men, have you thought about the following truisms and how they impact you lately?

The more sex you have with your wife, the less likely she is to cheat on you. The more sex you have with your wife, the less likely she is to be pursued by other men. You ambition and drive for resources is far more important to your wife than your looks. Keeping your relationship happy and sexual is how you keep it going – it’s how you retain your lady. Spying on your wife, snooping through her private places, exhibiting jealous behavior around her [...]

Rori Asks: Have You Ever Been Part of a Threesome?

Every Tuesday I ask a question so we can all answer it! My answer is written in the post, and you can tell everyone your answer with a comment – or feel free to write your own blog post about the topic and link to it in the comments below! Read more Rori Asks posts here.

This Week’s Question: Have you ever been part of a threesome?

Threesomes come in several varieties. They can be all male or all female. They can have two men or two women. The people in the threesome can be straight, gay, or [...]

Please fuck my tight anus firstly

Still dreaming about this movie of Please penetrate my tight asshole firstly

Why He Doesn’t Think You’re Fat

By now, the whole “Honey, do I look fat in this?” scene has been fully unmasked as the farce it is, useful today only as a reference to stand-up comic hacks. But be aware that the sentiment behind it lives on in more modern variations, including: “I look fat in this,” (a subtly aggressive form,…

The Right Way To Do Penetration

Penetration seems simple enough, right? Wrong! If you penetrate her the wrong way, you can mess up the entire sex act. Here’s how you need to be doing it.

You’ve done the works – the whole nine yards. You’ve been thorough, gentle and moved slow as a turtle on hangover. And now you’ve decided, she’s more than ready. Besides, you can’t take the suspense any longer, your penis made that argument for you 10 minutes ago. It’s time to bring your ship to harbor.

How To Start With Penetration

Post a “Fasten Your Seatbelt” notice by performing SWEEPING maneuvers around [...]

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