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Have you ever felt like you had achy spot in the middle of your back that you just couldn’t fully reach? That’s kinda what having a lover is for, right?

But if you haven’t yet found the “right one”, or your partner just happens to never be available when duty calls… I know a great tool for you…

The “Natural Contours, Ideal” Body Massager with multi functional grip. This massager has a super power like no other body massager of its kind…

Not only does it allow a stream constant strong vibration, but it can reach angles of [...]

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Red Light Camera Helps Catch Rapist

This is a very interesting article.  It depicts a situation where a slender and beautiful woman was raped in broad day light and the rapist was seen on a red light camera.

Also what is very interesting is one of the comments below the article.  You have to read it!  It is written via Cally Dieckmann.

Especially with the talking points of this presidential election and how the republicans favor no abortion even in the case of rape, this comment is extremely powerful.

Here is the link to the article which includes the video. >>> http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/21008890110652/red-light-camera-helps-catch-rapist/


Savage Love Episode 316

Cock blocked! A man’s friend did his best to steal the girl. How can the caller tell his “buddy” to get lost?  Can Dan Savage prevent a potentially disastrous three-way from occurring?  A man ruined his chances with a lovely lady by getting a little too drunk and getting a little too gropey. How can he get a second chance to show her the “real” him?  Call us and show us the real you.  206-201-2720 Today’s episode is brought to you by Honey Toad Studios. Be sure to check out their online sexy comedy show “Wrecked”: wreckedtheseries.com Today’s episode is [...]