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Weekend Away in the City – Part 5 (Dick)


image found on DifferentVideos.info We were in our favorite position and I was actively thrusting balls deep into a gasping Jane when there was a knock at the door followed by a muffled voice from the hallway… “Room Service“. When your job is to deliver food and drinks into the guest rooms of consenting adults you can never be sure what might greet you when the lock clicks and the door swings open. That morning it was me, a disheveled man in a hotel bathrobe with an obvious hard-on threatening to part his robe like a stage show’s headliner [...]

Girls Shitting on Outdoor Public Path

This is a quite interesting video that is just short of 8 minutes long.

It depicts 3 attractive girl next door type women who are late teens to freshman in college age.

They are walking on a paved path and they take a shit.  One at a time, they simply drop their shorts and let the shit logs flow.

The first girl has the most beautiful shit.  She must be a republican, as republican girls are generally prettier and produce prettier children and yup you guessed it, nicer shit logs too.

Take note how much better looking the first girls [...]

Rori Asks: Have You Ever Been Part of a Threesome?

Every Tuesday I ask a question so we can all answer it! My answer is written in the post, and you can tell everyone your answer with a comment – or feel free to write your own blog post about the topic and link to it in the comments below! Read more Rori Asks posts here.

This Week’s Question: Have you ever been part of a threesome?

Threesomes come in several varieties. They can be all male or all female. They can have two men or two women. The people in the threesome can be straight, gay, or [...]

Good Things Come (Dick)


You know you’ve been having sex too fast for too long when you begin to hope the lube is not flammable.

Google finished the search phrase for me and turned up loads of pages for delayed ejaculation, known medically as “retarded ejaculation”… and I’d have to agree. For the first time in my life I’m taking a prescribed pharmaceutical which targets my brain and it’s having some interesting effects that my doctor failed to mention.

Loss of libido is on the list of side effects. I’ll admit mine may have been turned back a notch, but when [...]

URGENT: Leveson: make your voice count

UK readers will understand the importance of last week’s Leveson report. Tomorrow (Monday) it’s being debated in the Commons.

The petition that campaing group ‘Hacked Off’ has published has become the fastest-growing petition on the web ever, and it’s believed that it could have a decisive impact on the parliamentary discussion.

So if you care about individuals’ right to privacy – yours, those of your fellow kinky folks, those of anyone whose lives may be intruded upon by the press for no legitimate reason – I’d urge you to add your support:


Thank you.


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