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Woman Has Too Much Discharge…..

Woman goes to the Doctors and says “I’m getting too much discharge”.

Doctor says “Pop your knickers off and slip onto the bed”.

He puts on his latex gloves and applies 3 fingers into her vagina.

“How does that feel?” he asks.

“Fucking lovely” she replies “But the discharge is in my ear!” TO SEE MORE IMAGES AND THE FULL VIDEO CLICK HERE

This babe begs for cum


This babes face was just begging to get covered in cum and thats just what this stud did after fucking her silly in all the positions spreading her legs wide so he could sink his cock into her balls-deep and making her squeal like your typical

Weekend Away in the City – Part 5 (Dick)


image found on DifferentVideos.info We were in our favorite position and I was actively thrusting balls deep into a gasping Jane when there was a knock at the door followed by a muffled voice from the hallway… “Room Service“. When your job is to deliver food and drinks into the guest rooms of consenting adults you can never be sure what might greet you when the lock clicks and the door swings open. That morning it was me, a disheveled man in a hotel bathrobe with an obvious hard-on threatening to part his robe like a stage show’s headliner [...]

How can anal sex and ass-to-mouth be safe?

Q: I have seen in pornos that people have condom-less anal sex and condom-less ass to mouth. I was wondering if you knew what they did to ensure the cleanness of that area on the inside?

A: First off, pretty much anything you see in porno is an exaggerated sex practice. The performers are taking certain risks, which they understand going in to the scenes. Porn performers are required to know and be able to prove their STD status at all times.

To answer the broader question we can give you some information about cleanliness and risks of anal sex [...]

Advanced Kissing Tips [Video]

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