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The crickets chirping on this blog wouldn’t make you suspect it, but I actually have been kind of busy the last few months. For one thing, I’ve been enjoying a simply crushing melancholy, one that has come complete with a charming shame spiral and the consumption many big blocks of cheese. It has been simply fabulous trying to get out of bed in the morning (and usually succeeding). Fortunately for those who love me, or even those who love to loathe me, it remains as difficult now as it ever has been to find a guillotine on EBay, and [...]

Handjob Sexy Girl


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New ‘porn for women’ site Bright Desire


Introducing the newest indie porn for women (and men, and couples) website, Bright Desire. (Congrats!) With a pro-porn, feminist webmistress from Australia, Bright Desire is a refreshing entry into our porn galaxy.

The site has an uncluttered and tasteful aesthetic, with a start featuring adult film favorites (such as Adrianna Nicole and new Australian adult performer Viola Turtle Dove) and amateurs alike. Friend, colleague, and fellow ‘porn for women’ activist Ms. Naughty describes her exciting new paysite best, saying:

The aim is to move beyond the old cliches, boundaries and negativity of standard, old-style pornography and to [...]

Is This The Cum Party?


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13 ways of looking at an abortion

Thirty-nine years ago, the decision known as the Supreme Court handed down the decision known as Roe v. Wade, giving American women the legal right to abortion. I’ve had a few abortions, and I’d like to celebrate this decision by listing a few ways that Roe v. Wade has enriched my life.

Because of Roe v. Wade:

1) My labia, perineum and pelvic floor remain in their original pristine showroom condition. No one likes to depend on Depends.

2) I worked to support myself for six years by stripping. And then I got to write about it. Roe v. Wade [...]

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